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Conversation with Castilla La manchas farmer after 2 years of Gifting orgonite

Publicado el 03 agosto 2016 por Orgon

Here is part of several conversations i had with the farmer last year on the phone. I recorded them to be able to write this post. It is not the whole thing, just took the parts which i felt were more interesting. He doesn't use the internet much so it is the only form of communication i can use with him and he always insists to remain anonymous.

Conversation with Castilla La manchas farmer after 2 years of Gifting orgonite

Right after i came from the great visit to Don and Carol´s which saved my ass from the local gestapo the farmer called me. We had mentioned we needed to do more and so we met again at his place loaded with more orgonite. The plan was to go along the coast Levante area from South Valencia to Almeria in south of Spain. I have some video made but most of the stuff you might see heavy rain or antennas. I may add up a report later. I think this conversation is more interesting.
Why did you contact me at first?

Farmer(F) >> it was because one member of my family was sick and i was worried about the antennas nearby. Later i took interest in some of Wilhelm Reich´s books, then got info on orgonite and i saw your page and decided to contact you. My worries or the understanding that it could be used for my crops came later.
It has been about a year since we did the first gifting.

You need to place a Cloud buster over there. i feel really stupid that i didn't think to tell you or recommend that you have one there to reduce any violent weather in the area.(as of today, 2016, we did place two new Cb´s and one was planted on the fields)
So rains... Castilla la Mancha and Levante area are getting much better rains, right?
F >> Yes, i would say more Castilla la Mancha than Murcia for instance.

and Albacete Town, still dirty or clean by now?
F > It is done yes, now it is good. Someone else did it.
Ok, how about the Earth Pipes?
F >> yes,i pounded them.
Have you seen any brownish/yellowish smog floating around in some specific areas?
F > Well, i have not but i have seen what you are saying just above the sea about 5 miles out.
Yes, also it happens over there for this we need to take a boat to gift the seas as well. Anyhow i am glad you pounded them. Any other anecdote you would like to share?
F >>mmm.. some anecdote? well... the whirlwind that was pushing at me! Last August. I was on a mountain top and threw 3 or 4 pieces and immediately after about 15 yards in front of me a whirlwind was created from the ground and literally chased me!

F > so this earth changes , it s adulterated too. So in this case i think orgonite is like an energy bomb for this earth that restores it energetically adulterated stuff hence the greater crops.
Yes, nice. There a man in the north i sent him many cones so he could gift the second crown inland with many antennas. he actually installs them and hence he will visit them all! he tried orgonite with his fruit trees and plants and he claims that ants do not get near the fruit trees. He says he notices less plagues and parasites around the plants. Have you noticed anything of the sort yourself?

F >> well, it is quite possible.
Which would be the 1st enemy of your cereals?
F > some type of fungus. They can appear if it rains much and the sun doesn't shine. They could also appear if you have a bad storage of the cereal. The seed starts to disintegrate and bugs and worms start to appear.
ok. So you have a Oats, Barley and wheat, right?
F >> Yes. and the wheat this year is so heavy is leaning sideways!
Great news. Well, i think we have covered a lot. Hope now the CB on your way will solve the hail issue. Next week i am going to Valencia. What a change. Sylphs are there, the blue skies, it feels so much better to be there.
F > Yes, there actually rain for the next 3 days now.
Yes, raining very well and Castellon was outrageous!
F >> yes, valencia , Teruel, north and south of valencia, it is all good.
OK , was nice to know more and do this recap. Take care !!
F > you too and greetings to your family.
About a week ago i called him up to know about this years crops (2016) and he gave me the overall picture of these 3 past years. He told me a good season produces for their land about 300 Tones of cereal give or take 20. SO taking that into account let s see how it went:
2014>> 280 Tn so this came to be a good season almost on average even ´do the prospects were bad. He placed the orgonite late in the hopes that it would help and help it did. brought rain and the sun did the rest. The yellow unhealthy arches in his land did not disappear , the crop was almost ready to collect.
2015>> 200 Tn. This he mentioned covered the costs for the season but the hail storms had a great impact. They recuperated a bit cause a second mini harvest was created from the seeds that felt on the land and for the first time in years the yellow patches had disappeared. The plants were crispy, healthy and look heavy since they were leaning to the sides by the weight of the grains.
2016>> 600 Tn A very excellent crop season for them and orgonite has been in their land for two years straight now. Regular gifting has been done extensively and now a cloud buster sits on his land. No hail storms or violent weather happened. The yellow patches are gone for a second season in a row and spikes carried well over 50 grains. IN all this is double the average of a regular season.


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