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Smartwatches that are Suitable for iPhones

Por Boylucas

Smartwatches are some of the best technological inventions in our current times. In this era, technology is aiming for smaller multipurpose gadgets, and smartphones to make the cut. Features such as instant messaging and calls, social media, fitness tracking and even finding lost devices have been consolidated in that portable, efficient device. A better version is a smartphone that can connect directly to your iPhone.

There are several recommendations for such watches at affordable prices. You can visit for detailed review and comparison about smartwatches for iphone and android devices.

Apple Watch Series 4; a new model from Apple's wearable with appealing features such as

  • large screen for that appealing outer look.
  • Digital crown with a metal cap for taking ECG.
  • Two exclusive faces; Infographics and Infographic Modular.
  • Bluetooth 5; quality and fast connectivity to your iPhone.
  • Improved speakers; important for taking calls, making inquiries to Siri and playing music.
  • Strong Aluminum coating and a new SiP that is faster than previous models.

The smartwatch is great for;

  • Monitoring health.
  • A workout companion.
  • Understandable activity checks.
  • Simple and easy connectivity among other functions.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic

has amazing features such as;

  • Gear S3 Bluetooth connection for making calls, texting and receiving notifications.
  • Stainless steel 316L material that is water and dust resistant and adaptable to harsh temperature fluctuations.
  • GPS-tracker installed by default for monitoring your activity and keeping your location known to people concerned.
  • High resolution of 360*360 pixels.
  • Battery life up to 3 days of mixed usage.
  • Sleek 0.51 inches wide model.
  • Fitness tracker with gyro, barometer, accelerometer, S-voice language commands, photo gallery, and heart rate monitor.

Garmin Vivomore HR

this hybrid smartwatch is a real deal with exclusive qualities like;

  • Smart music, connections by text, calls, notifications, and reminders.
  • Large screen with a beautiful touchscreen display that quickly shifts from watch mode to smart mode.
  • Fashionable design; a beautiful model with stylish design and interchangeable bands so you can match your watch to your outfit at any time.
  • Battery life of 5 days when in mixed usage and about 20 days for watch mode.
  • Health tracking features such as relaxation timer, stress tracker, REM sleep monitoring.
  • A great partner in workouts; has features like calculating distance, pace, heart beat rate, calories and steps which help you monitor your daily fitness.

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

Another good choice of a smartwatch with a combination of all the features you want;

  • GPS connection to monitor your location and even provide maps
  • A workout companion with heart rate, calorie burn and cardio fitness monitoring, p
  • Personal music downloads, apps for games, news, lifestyle, and travel
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection which is compatible with for iPhones.
  • Water resistant which is ideal for tracking swimming activity.

The benefits of smartwatches continue to increase gradually. The fact that you can connect it to your iPhone proves that life is much more comfortable. Smartwatches are definitely the easy way to accomplish the smallest of day-to-day activities, and you should give it a try.

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