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5 Steps of Successful Buying in the Wholesale Apparel Online Marketplace

Publicado el 09 marzo 2016 por Ferranmunoz @ferran_munoz
5 Steps of Successful Buying in the Wholesale Apparel Online Marketplace

Purchasing from the wholesale apparel online marketplace can be a bit of a minefield. You will be dealing with the manufacturer or importer of the garments through their website so to help you find your way, here are a few basic tips.

When you arrive at their website you will most likely be greeted by short questionnaire containing information about yourself and what your basic requirements are. If you run into trouble first check if there are any FAQ's (frequently asked questions).

If this doesn't help you can usually request information by either submitting a "ticket" to the support desk, where you can ask your questions or by contacting them directly by email. The last resort would be to contact them by telephone. Don't be afraid to do this if you feel more comfortable, most manufacturers would rather speak to you and offer answers to your questions than to lose the sale. However, you could encounter language problems.

Here is a basic list of what you should do next.

  1. Take a good tour of the garments available through the website. The wholesale apparel online marketplace will always supply plenty of photographs of their individual products, taken from many angles, and set out a detailed description as to materials used. Etc.
  2. Find out the minimum order required by the manufacturer. Most will be insistent in adhering to this amount; however you may be able to order a once off "sample" to get a real idea of the garments quality.
  3. Delivery details. This is vitally important to you as it is no good ordering a large amount of stock and organizing launch days and fashion parades if the products do not turn up on time. Always attempt to allow plenty of extra time from the promised delivery date to the date of your launch.
  4. Payment details. Here is the crunch, how is it best to arrange payment? When placing orders from the wholesale apparel online marketplace, you usually find full upfront payment is requested when the stock leaves the manufacturer. Credit terms may be available, but probably not until you have established a relationship. If this is a first-time sale you may be required to complete a credit request.

Most deals are completed via a staggered payments structure. I.e. A down payment to be paid before manufacturing starts, a further payment for the second amount to be delivered and the balance prior to the final shipment date.

    Brand names. Always check any restrictions as to branding or "naming" your product. Manufacturers will usually be happy to sew in your brand label if required, along with size, and any other information you require on the label. If, however, it is a known brand name, then you would have to agree to their conditions of sale in order not to break trade mark regulations.

All of the above are guidelines only and your personal dealings with any wholesale clothing online marketplace are dependent upon your negotiations. Ensure you and the manufacturer is happy with the deal before committing to anything. If this is the first time you have dealt with this particular manufacturer, then do a credit check on them and do a bit of research about their products and services etc. Good luck with your order.

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