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A furious Muse de A.J. Nuest + extracto

Publicado el 07 marzo 2015 por Elii01

A furious Muse de A.J. Nuest + extracto

** Esta saga es un spin-off de la saga The Golden Key Chronicles, escrita por la misma autora **

A furious Muse de A.J. Nuest + extractoA FURIOUS MUSE
Saga: The Golden Key Legacy #1
Autora: A.J. Nuest
Fecha de publicación: 27 de noviembre de 2014

Desde el día de su nacimiento, la princesa Faedrah Austiere ha sido definida por su lugar en el reino. Como la única heredera del rey gitano mestizo y su reina blanca profeta, ella es fuertemente protegida, encerrada dentro de un castillo de marfil y bien entrenada en el arte de la guerra. Sin embargo, ni sus obligaciones como futura reina ni la infestación oscura que amenaza su reino obstaculizan la misteriosa atracción hacia su armario antiguo escondido en el dormitorio de sus padres. Y robando la llave de oro para dar un salto en el tiempo es la única manera de enfrentar al oscuro señor que frecuenta sus sueños.
Una cara. La imagen de una desafiante mujer implacable se ha pegado en la cabeza de Rhys McEleod desde que tenía la edad suficiente pintar sus delicadas curvas en el lienzo. Pero el día en que ella entra en su vida - más sensual y una picazón por luchar - es la misma mujer que ha previó desde la infancia. Es decir, no lo sabía hasta que vió la llave alrededor de su cuello, objeto que nunca había mostrado en sus cuadros.
Ahora si él puede simplemente persuadir a su encantadora musa que él no es el enemigo. A menos que la escurridizao Faedrah Austiere aprende a confiar en él, él nunca la tendrá en su cama - él único lugar que de él que le pertenece a ella.

He gripped her wrist, forcing her knuckles deeper into thick muscle as he strode forward. She retreated the same distance to reclaim some space. Matching her pace for pace, he held firm, the tempo of their steps a dangerous dance relaying a fierce contest of wills.

Her back slammed the wall and he closed in, smacking his palms to the wooden planks on either side of her head. "Where did you learn to move like that?" She lowered her lashes to avoid his inspection, but he dodged low, keeping their gazes locked. "And spare me the half-truths, Faedrah. You and I both know lying to me is a waste of time."

Dipping her knees, she tried to escape the prison of his arms yet he moved with her, trapping her in place with the rigid tension in his thighs. "I can't help you if you don't let me in. Dammit, I can't protect you unless you tell me what you're hiding."

Frustration tightened her jaw, and she fisted the fabric of his shirt. If she confessed, if she allowed the slightest indication of her leap through the veil, he would undoubtedly think her deranged.

Her uncles had warned her. Magic did not exist in this place. To risk that Rhys' admiration for her would disintegrate to disgust, to exchange the lust in his gaze for pity... Goddesses wept, she would rather disengage from her quest altogether than to have him peer upon her as if her wits had fled.

"Why won't you trust me?" His hands left the wall for her cheeks. The calloused tips of his thumbs swept the thin skin beneath her lashes. "I swear to God, whoever put that fear in your eyes is a dead man."

She could not reason with him so close. All thought except banishing the sharp fury from his gaze was lost beneath the heady musk of his skin, the invitation of his lips hovering a breath from hers.

A whimper scuffed her throat as she ran her palm up his biceps, along his shoulder to scrape her nails through the short hair at his nape. His brow twitched. Arousal darkened his jade irises to the mystery of a shadowed forest, and he squinted.

"Do not be angry with me." Rising on the tips of her toes, she urged him near. She needed him to believe in her. Despite the secrets she guarded. Regardless of the uncertainties between them. His faith she could truly embody the woman in his paintings was the one thing to hold her steady and sure amid the unforeseeable tempest she faced. "For all my duplicity, I do not think I could bear it."

"Oh, baby." He sighed, shook his head, and dropped his lips to hers.

A furious Muse de A.J. Nuest + extracto A furious Muse de A.J. Nuest + extracto A furious Muse de A.J. Nuest + extracto

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