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Abandoned Resort Town of Yashima, Japan (Sitios fantasma XII) – 24 Tales of Ghost Towns and Abandoned Cities – WebUrbanist

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Imagen: Web Urbanist

Imagen: Web Urbanist

Abandoned Resort Town of Yashima, Japan

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Yashima is a high and open plateau on one of the main islands of Japan. During peak economic years in the 1980s investors decided to create a resort village complete with a half-dozen hotels, curio shops and a rail line to the top of the peak of the city. When the economy fell on harder times and they could not bring in the tourist dollars the entire village was shut down, leaving many shops with eerie remnant collections of collectible tourist goodies and leaving furniture and other relics in the hotels and other support buildings.

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Located on Shikoku, one of the major islands of Japan, Yashima is an abandoned tourist resort that was supposed to draw tourists to the area. After all, this is one of the most important pilgrimage sites on Shikoku, with the Yashima Temple rising up at the top of the plateau. It’s also where a very important battle took place during the Genpei War, in 1185.

Yashima Junior High School - Foto: douglaspperkins (Flickr)

Yashima Junior High School - Foto: douglaspperkins (Flickr)

Unfortunately things didn’t quite go according to plan. The economy was surging during the 1980s and entrepreneurs around Takamatsu thought it would be a good idea to invest in tourism and capitalize on the area’s spiritual reputation. They built six hotels, many other theme parks and even an aquarium.

Business was good for a while, but, somewhere along the way people realized there wasn’t much to see in Yashima, so they stopped coming here. The resort’s hotels and gift-shops had to be shut down, and the investors, who had already lost millions of Yen, simply abandoned the project.

Many of the hotel rooms look untouched and some of the tourist shops have their merchandise carefully arranged, making it look like their owners had to leave in a hurry, thus adding to the place eeriness.

Abandoned Yashima

Yashima (or 屋島 which probably won’t display right) is an imposing plateau to the northeast of Takamatsu, the second largest city on Shikoku, one of Japan’s major islands.


The Yashima hotel resort village in Shikoku was intended by investors to be a bustling place with several hotels, restaurants, shops, a rail line and probably more if it were continued.

It was originally build in the 1980′s alongside a popular temple that was seen as an attraction centerpiece to try and draw visitors in.

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Where in Shikoku is this place located? More in depth descriptions of it would be appreciated.