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Bad Machine

Publicado el 04 marzo 2010 por Capitain Poon
Magnífico, así se puede catalogar el debut de los finlandeses, a los cuales ya tenéis que conocer perfectamente, pues no es el primer disco de la banda que aparece en el blog.
Rock’n’Roll alcohólico tan habitual en el norte de Europa, con voz áspera y un frenesí guitarrero que tan bien han sabido asimilar de sus hermanos australianos.
Si disfrutas de la velocidad en las guitarras, de los riffs potentes y de la potencia de una buena base rítmica, y encima esta banda ya te gustaba….”Rip your heart” es su disco más bestia y potente, donde intentaban demostrar hasta donde podían llegar, y la verdad es que como debut, no tiene precio.
Bad Machine
Liberation Scheme
Shout It Loud
Highway High
Livin' In A Freak Out World
Last On Line
Welcome To The Danger Zone
If You Wanna Live
Always A Soul For Sale
Backstage Beauty
Sick Sonic And Wild
We Got Ball Tonight
Flyin' Through Your Heart Comparte
Bad Machine
Su myspace Bad Machine was little unfamiliar for me before I got this CD, which is their debut album. So let me tell you first slightly about the band, Bad Machine is a three-year-old rock band from Finland and their music got some influences from Aussie power rock, stoner and maybe even from Kiss and stuff like that. The first impression that I had was that this is just like The Hellacopters' Paying The Dues, exept worse (of course). All the songs are little bit too same, but there's certainly lot of tempo and attitude with screamin' twin guitars, rough and gruff lead vocals. Altogether the music is very well played and the sounds are okay, but there's still something missing, I can't tell what exactly it is, but I presume that after the songs become better and the variation gets bigger, the band would be much better, now they are just a good average band. From La Bruta

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