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Can you tell me what's wrong with this guy?

Por Loveuccs
I have this old friend of mine, and for the sake of this post we will call him JD. We know each other since I was sixteen years old :) -quite long ago. Back then I thought he was beautiful, a really handsome man, he liked Bubbaloo pink bubble gum, banana chips and Galak white chocolate, also he had the most delicious smell in the world probably because he never set a foot outside of his house without pefume. But he was exactly that: a man. I was sixteen and he had 27 years old, it was a huge difference of ages that kept us appart but I managed to get into his life and becpme a part of it.
We had our story, we had fun while I was 16  turning 17, only fun. It never turned out to be a relationship, because I was too young and I believe he was in love with someone else, so if we're going to be honest I must say that he played with me and my feelings. I was a kiddo, yes it's true that he told me that nothing could get serious between us, he said he didn't want tu hurt me BUT he did. Although I think is not his fault, I didn't know how to control my feelings and in a blink I was in love with him, passionate-over the heels teenage love.
Then it was time for me to move, I came back with my family to a town 6 hours away from him. I thought it was the end of our story, I was decided to move on and find someone who loved me. The thing is that it wasn't over, he called me two times a week, we had long msn conversations, we mailed each other frecuently, so it made it really tough to move on, to forget him because apparently he didn't want to let me go (sigh).
It was true we went separate ways, I had a boyfriend (who was about to became my husband) and he had a girlfriend who constantly called me telling me to leave her boyfriend in peace, but it wasn't me who called, it was him. Why? Because I didn't have permission to call him, his girlfriend may answer the phone. Anyways, it was meaningless calls, what could we do in a phone call? I was 18 years old and I haven't seen him since a year ago.
I ran out of my house with my boyfriend and a year later we got married (bad story, if you want to know, read this) and because a really loved my husband I told JD to forget about me, to leve me alone and never call me again, and so he did. I don't know how he found out was I was living in my marriage and he decide to reappear. After 4 years, we met again. It was all fire and sparkles as if time never passed, as if I was sixteen again and we were in his room listening U2 songs.
How could I move on, forget him, erase him from my mind if he makes his move back to my life like this. He never let me go, and I think I didn't want to let him go.
Things happened, I ran away from my husband who was really trying to kill me. Now I live with my parents, my beloved parents who will support me no matter what, and I have a baby girl who is my entire life right now. 
He has a new girlfriend, they keep beaking up and making up all the time. I don't know what's wrong with them, I don't know if she loves him or not, I don't even know if he loves her. They're together, and that's what matter.
OK, now I'm asking you: What the heak is wrong with him? If he have a life, if he doesn't want a relationship with me, if the things between us wont upgrade, why is he calling me?
I mean, live your life man and be happy, don't mess up with me.Photobucket

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