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DCN and Adweek get together to talk about Video

Publicado el 03 septiembre 2015 por Usmediaconsulting @USMediaConsult

"The only thing holding us back from success is self- criticism" Troy Young. President Hearst Digital Media

In celebration of its annual Watch Awards honoring the best in Web video content, Adweek and DCN hosted a dinner to talk about the creative and business opportunities associated with video.

The dinner, which was held at Gramercy Tavern in New York, was attended by several Watch Awards jury members as well as other senior executives who are paving the videosphere's way forward. The conversation, which was led by DCN CEO Jason Kint, focused on disruption of traditional approaches, the forces that are shaping content generation and monetization, branded video and who is leading the way. Real-time streaming and Facebook was also on the table.

Watch DCN Dinner Roundtable

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