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Dexter Morgan in his own words

Publicado el 20 diciembre 2011 por Nestor74
Dexter Morgan in his own words
"Tonight's the night. And it's going to happen, again and again. It has to happen. Nice night. Miami is a great town. I love the Cuban food... pork sandwiches, my favorite. But I'm hungry for something different now."
"Blood. Sometimes it sets my teeth on edge, other times it helps me control the chaos. The code of Harry, my foster father, is satisfied. And so am I. Harry was a great cop here in Miami. He taught me how to think like one; he taught me how to cover my tracks. I'm a very neat monster."

"Sometimes I wonder what it would be like for everything inside me that’s denied and unknown to be revealed. But I’ll never know. I live my life in hiding. My survival depends on it."

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