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Diego Alonso's Sevilla: A Force to be Reckoned in the Second Round of Copa del Rey

Publicado el 22 noviembre 2023 por Javisfc @blogjavisfc
Diego Alonso's Sevilla: A Force to be Reckoned in the Second Round of Copa del Rey


After a 3-0 win over CD Quintanar in the first round, Sevilla is now preparing for their 2nd round in the Copa Del Rey.

The International Federation of Football History and Statistics recognized Sevilla FC as the best team in the world in 2006 and 2007. It is also ranked just 5th in terms of international titles.

Who is ahead?

Well, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Valencia CF, and Atlético de Madrid are the forward makers in this record. So, arguably, Sevilla FC is one of the most influential Spanish clubs ever. Yes! They are not the giants like your favorite Real Madrid or Barcelona, but they have got sixth place on the all-time league table.

However, they are not the same anymore. Probably, they are the most inconsistent team right now. Whether it's a managerial overview or the team perspective, it's always getting started and then going for a new path.

They had last won their Europa League titles in 2020. After that, there is no significance of them in the footballing world. However, we need to understand that every team goes through bad phases, and they can come back anytime.

Is this the time for Sevilla?

Well, time will decide, but for now, we have got some interesting points about the club that make it a favorite for many fans. Consider Tipsta to get the latest updates and inside information on the club and its matches.

Diego Alonso's Expertise To Create A New Sevilla Fc

Alonso is the fourth manager for Sevilla in 12 months. His expertise and experience are not very influential, but some of his stats may be appealing as a newcomer in the coaching world.

Well, this year, finally, again after waiting for 3 years, in 2023, Sevilla won the Europa League final against Roma. Respectively, they qualified for the Champions League for next season.

Unfortunately, they lost against the very strong Arteta's Arsenal by 2 goals. Surely, they were down. But their performance against Real Marid in La Liga was mind-blowing compared to the standard difference these two teams have so far.

Notably, that was Alonso's first match for Sevilla FC, and he was impressive straightaway. Well, from a physiologist who applied to sports to a Uruguayan coach in the World Cup 2022, the journey taught the person a lot.

Now, he is all set to apply his little experience with immense hunger for Sevilla.

What does he want?

Well, like every coach, Diego Alonso also has demands for

● Talented players

● Excellent coaching staff

● Incredible fitness

Founded in the year 1890, Sevilla is all set to cherish a new coaching style after confronting dilemmas and inconsistencies.

The Unexpected Stars Of Sevilla

Considering the prominence of Sevilla under Diego Alonso, they have already bagged their first-round win against CD Quintanar del Rey in Copa del Rey. Youssef En-Nesyri, Mariano Diaz, and Rafa Mir are the three prominent forwards of this team.

They play fine if they get to the ball on time. Apart from that, they have the speed and efficiency to control the ball to the box. Now the question is, who will give them the ball?

Ivan Rakitic

Can you remember the former Barcelona star Ivan Rakitic?

Sevilla went through a draw last Sunday (12th November) in La Liga with the help of the only goal coming from 35-year-old Sevilla veteran Ivan Rakitic.

He returned to the club after six years on 1 September 2020. He has experienced two Europa Leagues with the club in 2014 and the most recent in 2023. Well, this unexpected star from Mesut Ozil's Champions League dream team is now the savior of midfield for Sevilla.

Sergio Ramos

Old bone is still young and restless!

What a match that he played against his former club, Real Madrid!

It was thrilling! Full of passion! And the threat of Sergio Ramos is back again after he left PSG to join his root club, Sevilla FC!

The former Spain defender always comes with aggression when on the field. He was the star wall for Real Madrid, and after two years of ups and downs in Paris Saint-Germain, he now has the best chance to deal with Sevilla.

● Leadership

● Local connection

● Technical ability

● Physical prowess

Basically, he has got all the skills that a Sevilla needs right at this moment.

Reasons To Recognize Sevilla Fc This Year

Considering the current stats, Sevilla FC is in 13th position with just two wins in the bag for the session. But with what they have right now in the player's bucket and how they won their first round in Copa del Rey, Sevilla is yet to perform their best!

Why do we think so?

Well, let's look at some prominent reasons here.


Their manager knows what they want. Yes! Things went wrong for them for a long time, and thus, they were a bit unsettled. But under Diego Alonso, things are going on a positive note!

He is well aware of the recruitment process. Now, he is focused only on giving responsibilities to the players.

Take The Europa League Seriously

Regarding the Europa League, no club matches their success rate. Definitely, they take the Europa League quite seriously.

But this year, their focus is on grabbing the Copa del Rey! After 2010, their glory with the league was long awaited. Now they are again in a good position to win the Copa del Rey 2nd round.


With Ramos, Sevilla is now very confident about their defensive approach. They have just conceded 17 goals in their last 25 matches, which is a stunning record!

Their wall can be a danger for other teams to score if they can grab one or two goals ahead.

Player Signings

They do not look only for players who need development, but they are also trying to grab the experienced players in their squad.

With experience, they can streamline their project while managing decent games. So, the combination of young talent and experienced bone is there in their team. Proper utilization may lead to Copa del Rey final!

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