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DJI FPV Drone Review Published To YouTube

Por Triatlonsindrafting @trisindrafting

This post is a simple heads-up that I've published a deep-dive review of the DJI FPV drone & system up over on YouTube, for those that are interested in that sorta thing. FPV stands for 'First Person View', which means you use/wear goggles with a controller to control it, rather than a phone or screen on a controller.

Now normally I'd also do a full written review for certain drones, but I tend to do those for ones that have some sort of sports active tracking functionality. And at this time (and probably for the foreseeable future), the DJI FPV drone doesn't have any sort of tracking features. So while you'll undoubtedly see it in sports productions, as FPV drones have become more and more commonplace especially for cycling and mountain biking videos, it's not something that really catches most of my audience here on the written site, unless it's got sports tracking features.

Inversely, my YouTube audience tends to slant far more heavily towards drones/action cameras, and thus the focus there.

In any case, if you just want some pretty drone shots, or to see all the fun that can be had with a drone that goes 140kph, then simply hit the play button up above.

And fear not, we'll return to plenty of gadgetry and gear goodness over the next few days, as I've got plenty in the hopper!

Thanks for reading...and watching!

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