Entrevista de Roya Hamburger - un ejemplo de estrategia artistica web 2.0 !

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Hola a todos,

Que mas ? Espero todo bien.

Hoy les presento Roya Hamburger, artista contemporanea, que vive en Holanda. Me encanto su arte y su modo de presentar tantas formas con armonia y colores.

Disculpa si no hablan ingles ;)


Roya, how would you describe yourself in few words?

For the last 15 years I have been working as a free-lance artist / illustrator who makes images for advertising and publishing companies. Next to that I am making free work for galleries and  sell on my internet-shop.

Where do you get the inspiration to create such amazing artwork?

For me, the best way is to start my work is by having no idea at all in the beginning en just see what happens by letting inspiration kick in. It's a great feeling when that happens.

But also I love the 50ties, those days they knew what style was. In the 60ties and 70ties they had the coolest colors and influents from India and Africa translated into simple graphic forms. Everything was possible in design (and outside design off-course)

I love traditional and contemporary Japanese and Chinese art. Takashi Murakami is a contemporary Japanese artist who works in commercial media. He is one of the first who blurs the boundaries between high and low art. I hope that many artists will follow him. If you ask me, there’s no difference between art and commercial-art when it's done in excellence.

How do you use Twitter / Facebook and other forms of social media to connect with your fans and promote your artwork?

I don't use T/F yet. The most of my (commercial) clients are on Linkedin so there I join groups and connect with clients.

What's next for you in terms of web marketing? Can you share your strategy with the readers?

What really works it to put the work on, Flickr and also letting bloggers published your work as you do so Thanks … 

Are you satisfy with the feedback of your online presence? 

Very. I never had such a great feedback from people and companies all over the world!

What do you think about the selling of fine art prints (reproductions) by the artists? Do you think is can be used as a promotional tool?

I think it is a great way for artists to sell their work. I am sure this will become a booming business in the near future. Very affordable art which you can buy from  artists all over the globe,  personally signed by the maker and in limited edition. The print quality today is amazing.

Thank you so much Roya for sharing your experience with us !!!

Bellow the pictures of Roya's Art 






Si tienen preguntas sobre el trabajo de Roya o sobre este articulo no duden en contactarme.

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