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Freedom GeoMap is a collaborative mapping project to gather information about human trafficking and efforts to achieve freedom from slavery globally. It is a space to share critical information about trafficking and anti-trafficking activity globally, promote transparency in our efforts, learn best practices, and understand current challenges and needs in our global effort.

We have observed that one major issue in anti-trafficking action today is that while advances in technology have allowed us to create websites, databases, research like never before, the actual sharing of data between groups is problematic. Either people use different systems, are not aware that other organizations exist around them, or can not easily share information. This results in a serious fragmentation in broader anti-trafficking efforts and discourages collaboration. Our effort to create a GeoMap is a small stab at the problem

Users contribute direct email, twitter and web reports on issues related to trafficking and modern-day slavery. The platform will aggregate these direct reports with news, blog posts, photos, videos and tweets that are related to existing sources, all in one place on this interactive map. Organizations that are currently conducting community outreach and education projects, all the way to raids and assessing risk areas can plot their work on the map to demonstrate the scale and scope of their work.

It basically works like this:

How it Works


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