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[Hack] Mega Man Star Force DX (Nintendo DS)

Publicado el 12 junio 2021 por Royramker @RoyRamker
[Hack] Mega Man Star Force DX (Nintendo DS)

Mega Man Star Force DX es un hack de Mega Man Star Force: Pegasus (2006) para Nintendo DS que modifica este ARPG de Capcom para actualizarlo y mejorarlo con la intención de convertirlo en la versión más completa del primer Mega Man Star Force, incluyendo nuevos contenidos, cambios y mejoras de sus secuelas, integrando contenidos exclusivos de las tres ediciones en las que originalmente fue publicado (Mega Man Star Force: Dragon, Mega Man Star Force: Leo y Mega Man Star Force: Pegasus) en un mismo juego y recuperando contenidos de la versión japonesa que fueron eliminados en la versión occidental.

  • The font has been changed to that of MMSF2/MMSF3, with all text in the game updated to make use of it.
  • Star Cards have been added - these replicate the effects of the Japan-exclusive Wave Scanner peripheral.
  • All touch screen inputs and minigames can now be done with just the buttons.
  • A new difficulty setting, Legend Mode, has been added.
  • There are now two save slots, and saving speed has been increased.
  • The Lunar Knights crossover scenario, Brother Band and Battle Cards have been restored from the Japanese versions. Lunar Knights Brother Bands can be obtained in single player.
  • You can now obtain Power Up data, which was originally obtained from the Japan-exclusive Wave Scanner peripheral.
  • All three Star Force transformations can be obtained in a single game, and have received unique new abilities to set them apart from each other.
  • All version-exclusive Satellite admin bosses can be fought.
  • All version-exclusive Giga Class cards can be obtained.
  • New side quests have been added, and you can now take on multiple at once.
  • A new EM Database feature allows you to track the battle data and location of all viruses and bosses.
  • The event-exclusive Andromeda card and Legendary Master Shin Brother Band can now be obtained in the game.
  • And much more! For the full list of changes, see: "All Changes (SPOILERS!).txt"

El parche para poder jugar Mega Man Star Force DX se puede descargar desde The Rockman EXE Zone o desde y tiene que ser aplicado a una ROM americana de Mega Man Star Force: Pegasus con cualquier programa compatible con archivos en formato .BPS, como Floating IPS o beat.

[Hack] Mega Man Star Force DX (Nintendo DS)

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