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Happy Ash Wednesday

Publicado el 13 febrero 2013 por Violetta @violettanycity
Happy Ash Wednesday
Happy Ash Wednesday!  The look below is my look for today's mass.  I decided to have some fun and throw in a date night look (top) and a work look for today's leather skirt.  Just to show you can style one piece in many different ways and get that bang for your buck.  The sun was awful while I was taking photos, so please excuse the squinty face.  

I also got to try out my new curling iron.  I've been looking for one for a while now and I eventually settled on the Cortex 4 in 1 iron.  You get four barrel sizes, this allows you achieve different curl and wave sizes.  I saw PassionJonesz us it in her videos.  The hair she uses to curl is heavier than mine, so I figured it should work great for me and it did!  I always wondered about Taylor Swift's curls and by using this iron. I know that's what they must use on her hair.  

Happy Ash Wednesday
Happy Ash WednesdayOutfit Logistics:  Skirt - JIBRI $160, White Button Down - Nordstrom $58, Leopard Top - (similar) $36, Gray Blazer - $21 (similar), Mesh Top - Asos (soldout), Ruffle Clutch (similar) $30, Faux Fur Cape - Vince Camuto, Wedges - Calvin Klein $80, Glitter Pumps - $15 (similar), Slingbacks - $258 (similar)

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