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How and Why i started gifting Orgonite

Publicado el 03 noviembre 2016 por Orgon

This article comes after several mails exchanged with a person who was alarmed by the issue of chemtrails and climate terrorism (I will not normalize it using the neurolinguistic meme of geoengineering). This seems to be quite common in people who recently have noticed what happens over their heads but have read only dinsinfo websites and they are driven by the programmed social alarm they cause which is performed by dinsinfo artist on a payroll and other similar trolls.

I've spent years writing my experiences in , Don Croft but not so much on my own blogs, this one at the shop and my other one

What I wanted to clarify is that there is much interest in confusing people online with lots of disinformation, I think this is obvious by now to most people. There are jobs that pay people to sit hours in front of a computer and create discord, confusion, doubt, fear, etc .. on any topic that goes against the interests of the status quo.

There is lots of dinsinfo on Chemtrails and orgonite on the net . I understand that a human being is more malleable, psychologically speaking, when is overtaken by fear. 99% of the websites that talk today about chemtrails only touch those buttons and terrorize people who just opened their eyes to this phenomenon. None really bother to give any solution and certainly avoid at all costs mentioning orgonite gifting which has been happening all over the world the last 15 years with a view to solve this and other problems.

That is why I wanted to say that too many people are sucking the dinsinfo teat and prefer to believe a charismatic individual and the lies they spread than heeding their own personal experiences. It's as easy as looking at the sky intently and especially trying to find real data, if any, on how is the weather over a period of time.

Iberia and Spain were on track to become a global example of desertification and it was planned that way. Let's say it would help to showcase and sell better the global warming scam as something real, oops! sorry! now they call it climate change . You see, today they are not a desert and the path has reversed completely to greening. I only see a general increase in rainfall each year, with reservoirs that have overflowed beyond their capacity, rivers, caves and other sources recovered after decades in drought ... and rain records since meteorological data is taken in Spain circa 1920s.

Is it possible that any given area is being manipulated? Of course. Can you have specific episodes? Of course you can. Sometimes they can be arranged from different points of the European geography or simply there is an area that needs to get clear since no one ever gifted orgonite. The temporary lapses in any gifted area might be because parasites have devoted a huge amount of effort to enable the temporary production of DOR, Deadly Orgone Radiation, as Wilhelm Reich called it, but that effort is useless since it is actually neutralized and cleaned within a few hours in any gifted area.. My experience tells me that once the environment has been reversed to some extent of POR, Positive Orgone Radiation, they can not maintain that manipulation, even if they try to battle and make enormous efforts they are trying in vain.

I have been saying for a while now that gifting Portugal by land and sea (the icing on the cake being the Azores Islands) would be necessary. This, for me, would surely be the last nail in the global warming coffin , excuse me again, now climate change. ; -d

The fact that the only real global climate manipulation are the chemtrails and the millions of installed antennas all over the world which appeared in a short 3 years and that many still think are only used for cell phone traffic bears repeating.

The question about google being able to manipulate, lie, spin, censor anything on the services they offer, well, it is very evident. A friend says Google is simply the clown name chosen by the NSA for its public face. After all Darpa-Nsa-Google are part of the same octopus and they aren't saints!

I was worried about the spanish levante area 2 or 3 years back. That is why i was thankful to take 2 projects with a farmer from Castilla-La Mancha but who grows in Murcia. I had the chance to have 2 intense gifting trips with him and we covered many areas. Valencia today feels spectacular compared to the dry and oppressing atmosphere it used to have. Every time i got there i could see a nice healthy blue, Sylphs and abundant rain. Even the Valencians were complaining about the rain. Last year there were episodes as well with amazing rains in Castellon and Valencia.

Maybe i have a problem or i have been given some super power which i ignore because every time i go out to gift, rain follows me. I have gifted thousands of pieces traveling thousands of miles by land and sea thru out the Spanish geography and on the Caribbean coast from Florida to Belize and i have got the same results consistently.

I already put orgonite to the test at the very beginning. I did it for a full month, watching hour after hour, day by day. As i live on an island, the process has been easy and intimate because i can see the changes from up close and without distractions.

I saw clearly how airplanes were leaving spew in the sky that would spread apart and cover it all, including the sun. When i saw that and the drought for months on end and the fields became dry i understood something was abnormal and started to investigate. I read much about chemtrails firstly falling in the dinsinfo agents and charismatic chest pounders who are promoted on the net until i got to a possible solution, orgonite, and a reputable source such as Don and Carol Croft and the forum

The very first thing i built was an orgonite cloud buster that it was said to be able to clean an area of 90km around. It took me a while to save for it cause some of the materials were expensive and i was living in a cave at the time so i was basically penniless. I was on a very intense personal change and great existencial doubts but that is a longer story ;-d

When it was mounted, i was invited at a friends house and i put it on her terrace. The sky was all covered in that gray spew as usual but a huge blue hole appeared right above us, a circle opening up about 5 miles and its center being my friends house! On one hand i was simply amazed because i could see a direct and irrefutable correlation of mounting the Cloud buster and the sky getting cleaner but on the other hand i was a bit disappointed cause i expected it to cover the whole island taking those 90km as reference.

It was like that in my case but seeing that big blue hole and the fact that a military black helicopter and another from the National police started flying around my friends apartment (something common to see for those who install one in a not gifted area) were enough evidences to continue my tests with orgonite and follow with my investigation.

Later i would come to understand why the cloud buster had not been able to clean all the DOR on the island and it was the simple fact that non of the local antennas were gifted and hence the lower atmosphere was so infested that it could not do its job properly higher up and so only that whole was as much as it could do.

Step by step i started making a few tower busters and a couple of orgonite HHG cones. I started gifting the nearby antennas locally. What happened? Well, the blue sky opened up even more and now i could see half of the island was clear! Not only that but i started seeing some amazing cloud formations in the form of Fire that seemed to mix with the chemtrails and then dissolve them making all those great shapes.

I did not see rain yet but it would come the very next day. when i decided to cover the highest mount on the island that was the most DOR infested place (at least above ground) . Mount Toro is full of antennas. Rode the bike, did the deed and stayed on top of the mount where i could see all around the island. Don told me i was lucky to live in a place that no one had gifted and that it was an island because i could see the changes very intimately and he was so right.

All the spew from all directions was coming to this mount and dissolving before my very eyes. A bit later natural healthy cumulus clouds had formed and when i was down on the road home it started to rain generously and did not stop all night. From that moment on, Menorca has stayed blue and no matter how hard they have tried, it always comes clean thanks to Sylphs in the sky eating all that stuff and making fun shapes.

Your concern about pressing the matter politically, sign petitions, sign up in associations as many dinsinfo agentes promote on their websites or youtube channels, i personally do not see it, well it actually makes me laugh. What attracts me as well about orgonite and gifting is that you do not need to sign a petition, no documents or groups.. it only needs a little personal effort to take a simple and direct action that solves the problem without having to go thru any channels. This in fact empowers the person who does it because it causes great satisfaction to remember that we are sovereign beings who can add a little bit to improve the quality of life of thousands of people and restore the ecology of a country.
I understand that at a local level might seem like the best solution to try but where is the power seated? is it at the city council?regional parlament ? congress? The system is not broken , it functions perfectly the way it was designed to and it is rigged from the beginning and i am afraid politicians are only public relations and those who climb the pyramid turf are great actors with psychopathic profiles. I do not think they will solve any of our problems because their bosses want it that way. By bosses i mean the combination of parasites such as those families that have interbred for generations, the bankers/money changers and the whole secret alphabet soup agencies with the military industrial complex who have patiently devised a Matrix that have people addicted to, programming their consciousness, cultural and social beliefs that have constantly hammered thru their channels (books, magazines, cinema, art, media...)

Gifting orgonite publicly, by the way, isn't exempt of some retribution from the parasites but i can tell you it is an express learning experience about life and what it means to be human today. At first they ordered, what we euphemistically call secret agents, to follow me while i was gifting. They are so stupid that this had the effect to encourage me to gift even more. After all, i thought that if they were chasing me just because i was dropping some pieces of resin with metal and crystals inside that it probably was important and it certainly was good.
After i left the cave i went to Iive in a very small town by the sea where only 3 or 4 families lived there during the winter months. Wouldn't you know it? all of the sudden all police was driving up and down the street several times a day, local police, national police, then military cars, trucks and even motorbikes would pass by daily. My place all of a sudden was the most popular place on the island! This was done as intimidation and a warning not to gift orgonite. Of course i continued even harder.
One day, a brand new big Japanese bike deviated from the main street and took mine which goes nowhere and ended at my house. The guy, who looked like a body builder, stopped half an inch in front of my installed Cloudbuster and started giving gas to make much noise while looking towards me in a menacing way. I had to laugh and since i was hungry and it was my lunch time, i continued eating and watching from the window. I would repent later on since i had missed a great chance to actually take a picture of this infantile guy and expose him publicly so his bosses would not have been happy, you know, the secret part of his job would not be so secret ;-d After all, parasites are afraid of exposure and the more people we talk about everything openly, the faster they will fall.
These coercion tactics have been see by many, specially at the beginning of trying to gift so they would feel discourage by the threat. They are trying to avoid loosing their death energy grid they have painstakingly built for centuries and that it worked for them up until recently. They simply stopped doing that stuff although sometimes i get attacked psychotronically and psychically but there s also solution for that, Another day i will delve more profoundly on this subject but hundreds of thousands in the world are going thru the same weather they are conscious of it or not.
Very few times are people followed nowadays and it might be a combination of lack of resources (too many people to follow you see ;-d) and maybe it is harder for them to find suitable psychopaths to fill in their positions at the alphabet soup agencies.
So, i already tested orgonite and i ve been at it for years now and it is a real and great solution to many problems and evil agendas and one individual can help resolve. So, instead of following all the greek choir and false agent profits why bot use it and pay attention to what happens? get busy!


How and Why i started gifting Orgonite


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