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Kongo Skulls

Publicado el 16 abril 2010 por Capitain Poon
Quiero cerrar la semana con un disco que ayer nos pasó Rory en el Burdel, y es un disco que no he podido dejar de escuchar desde entonces.
Poco se sobre los de Hamburgo, pero las sensaciones que me ha producido este disco son tan grandes que he decido “robárselo” para que pueda disfrutar de él la mayor cantidad de gente que sea posible.
R’n’R con toques Blues pasados por el filtro de Danko Jones por poner un ejemplo. Toda una joyita editada en el 2006. Tiene otro disco del 2009, el que lo quiera....un privado y se lo paso.
Gracias RoryKongo Skulls Tracklist:I'm A ManAssholeRoll With The DevilNext TrainNot The Killing KindElevatormanCarFor Your LoveMy DogDon't KnowBaby GirlI'm AliveBlindComparte
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Cause I'm an asshole, I'm a singer in a band"- In the 2nd track Offel, singer and guitarist of the trio, clearly defines how the title professional musician from Hamburg tells how it really is the life of a rock musician far apart from titlestories and cocainepartys in the Royal Hilton. On this album from the Kongo Skulls it's not about inventing Rock'n'Roll over. They just want to show what they've got and that they really live for the music and not from it. There's no question about it, these guys are damn good on their instruments. And to think about that these guys live their lives as professional musicians, which they, apart from musicals or rocking the Reeperbahn, were also in such highly acclaimed bands like SKELETOR or SIEBEN. Music is the motor and these dudes are the fuel. Strange lyrics, rock'n'blues licks and tight grooves are the ingredients that Offel, Sven (bass) and Jan (drums) have for their statement in terms of RocknRoll, and you can't deny that they know exactly how to play it. The irony in which Offel exercises all the clishees of Rock'n'Roll truly is a blessing, if you think of how serious most of the bands take themselves. Live, the KONGO SKULLS mutate to an overpowered Rock'n'Roll Bulldozer, which makes you deaf and then only to roll over you, spill alcohol on you, and set you on fire. Just because its fun.
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