Lori Meyers - "Mi realidad" (2010)

Publicado el 06 septiembre 2010 por Ferglem
Let's switch into English today because it's turn to sell our national product abroad. For those who don't know the current situation of the Spanish independent music, I have to say that in the last decade it's been a boom in high-quality groups, some of them in the language of Cervantes, and many others in Shakespeare one. Personally speaking, it's a shame the way all these groups are treated by the main national radio stations, but on the other hand, the fact of not being pressured by the media it's been possitive for them because nowadays the Internet is the best tool to make themselves known, and as well it's funny to see how labels are plummeting (globally speaking), while the main economic source for tones of groups are live shows - That's the reason why the theater was barely affected by crisis-.
The group I have chosen today is called Lori Meyers, from Grenade, who have a strong personality and the creative ability of a big band, it's highly recommended! I would also like to talk you about other groups but this is a thing I'll do later on. Still, if you liked them, try this: SEXY SADIE, DELUXE, IVAN FERREIRO/LOS PLANETAS, AUSTRALIAN BLONDE, STERLIN, VETUSTA MORLA, SUNDAY DRIVERS, SECOND, LOVE OF LESBIAN, CATPEOPLE, RUSSIAN RED, etc... ( this is an endless list)
LORI MEYERS - Mi Realidad

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