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Masonic moral code (1916)

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Zaragoza, February 5, 1916

"Worship the Great Architect of the Universe.

The true worship given to the Great Architect is good works.

Always keep your soul in a pure state to appear with dignity before your consciousness.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Do not do wrong to expect good.

Do good for love of the same good.

Esteem the good, loves the weak, avoid the bad, but do not hate anyone.

Do not deceive your brother, it is a betrayal; and if your brother flatters fears that corrupt you.

Always listen to the voice of your conscience.

Be the father of the poor; Sighs your hard boot them, are so many curses fall on your head.

Respect the national or foreign travelers; help him, his person is sacred to you.

Avoid quarrels, insults expected, let reason always stay on your side.

Part your bread with the hungry and the poor pilgrims and put them in your house; when vieses the naked, cover him, and despise not your flesh on his.

I do not be hasty in be angry, for anger rests in the bosom of fools.

Hates greed, because whoever loves wealth will bring them no fruit, and this is also vanity.

Escape from the wicked, for your house will be razed, plus the tents of the righteous flourish.

In the path of honor and righteousness is life, but the way I lost leads to death.

The heart of the wise is where virtue is practiced, and the heart of fools where vanity is celebrated.

Respects women, never abuse their weakness, much less think of dishonoring.

If you have a child, rejoice; but trembles tank that you trust. Make up to ten years will issue up to twenty love you and respect you to death. Even ten years his teacher to twenty his father and his friend to death. Think before you give good principles beautiful ways; you need clarified righteousness and not frivolous elegance. Make an honest man before a clever man.

If you ashamed of your destination, you have pride; or you think that you honor or degraded; the way in which you turn you will either.

Lee and profit, sees and mimics, think and always give attention to the good of your brothers and will work for yourself.

Be content all, by all and everything.

Do not judge lightly the actions of men, not less reproaches and blades; While prior attempts to probe hearts to appreciate his works.

Be among the free profane unlicensed great without pride, humble without meanness; and between the siblings, firm without being tough, severe without being inflexible and submissive without being obsequious.

He speaks moderately large, with your peers wisely, sincerely with friends, sweetly eternally young and the poor.

Fair and courageous will defend the oppressed, will protect the innocent, regardless of any of the services you you lend.

Exactly appreciator of men and things, you will attend not only to personal merit, regardless of rank, status and fortune.

The day that these maxims of men become mainstream, the human species will be happy, and Freemasonry have finished their task and sung its regenerative success. "

Posted in Jose Antonio Ferrer Benimeli, the Spanish Freemasonry: History in the texts, Madrid, 1996, pp. 103-104.

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