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MYSTICISM, A WAY FOR HEALING THE HUMAN SOUL  (English version)It is possible that the title of this new text could be a bit strange, pretentious and even provocative, at a time which seems to prevail materialism, scientism and selfishness of many people. But this does not discourage me to risk it, as a person and even as a scientist to seek more opportunities for the health of the soul, because every aid is limited, to the suffering of people.From time whem I was a teenager I asked me questions about the meaning of life, suffering and death and then, through the experiences, literature, art and even science, I wanted to delve a little deeper into the understanding of our reality beyond the seemingly obvious. And without knowing it, even with great skepticism initially, I ran into the mystic as a way for more experience, understanding, deepening, for searching meaning of life and especially I find a new perception of life, renewal and healing.Now, after having spent a few years, I am preparing a paper on mysticism in psychotherapy, for the September conference on Anthropology, Psychology and Spirituality. After putting so risky title for a paper, I told myself that fine mess in which I had gotten. Now, entering into the field, and exploring a little about mysticism, I find the fascination with a new world of experiences as possible, in front of my eyes (and not just the carnal eyes or the mind eyse, but also to the spirit eyes). At the same time, I note, not without surprise that the number of scientists interested in spiritual issues, is increasing at present. For example, in the field of psychology and psychiatry, is increasingly taking into account spiritual matters, both to study the human being to help them overcome their difficulties. It has even created a discipline called Neurotheology.So, I venture to ask such a strange question and I find more beauty than complicated (as initially feared), to deal with it; when I am studying this matter, something pushing me to share a little about this marvel. If Mysticism is as Evelyn Underhill said in his book "The Mystical", something that could help overcome the habits of ordinary thought and might even lead to overcoming the naturalistic philosophies, idealism and skepticism, it is interesting. And if you also can open the mystical thought to the order of reality of the transcendent values (Truth, Goodness and Beauty) and allows us to connect with something deeper, which is a mysterious thing that is in us, which would the innermost sanctuary of personal being, the deepest of his love and his being, and many other possibilities for fullness of life. Why not investigate further on this?And I leave you, to share a little more, another reflection of this beautiful Underhill’s book:"The mysteries of life take place so soft ... so that the natural man is hardly surprising for the daily and radiant revelation of infinite wisdom and love. Only the strong crust of our superficial consciousness hides it of our normal vision."The question now is how does the mystic to capture that wisdom and infinite love, because if we can see and the reality on this way, probably we can overcome many difficulties of life. According to the author, the core of understanding mysticism is love. So I suppose that if we practice a bit of this and better if it is more, perhaps we get a glimpse of the reality on this way.I leave you an interesting reflection of Albert Einstein, which links to what I am saying:"The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the seed of all true science. When you find it strange that emotion (that is no longer able to feel in awe) It had better be dead. That deeply emotional conviction, the presence of a superior reasoning power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe, forms my idea of God. "

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