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Here comes the first part of what could be a great first day in the City. This is the itinerary, entirely on foot.
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Times Square

Start at Times Square  for a feeling of what the city is like and its rush.

Toys r us, Times Square

Do not miss the Toys r us, its Ferris wheel –inside the building!- and its lego reproductions of the Liberty Statue, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, its huge dinosaur… 

Lego Empire State Building

Lego NYC

You have a couple of supermarkets in this area where you can get some water for the day also. My suggestion: go up to The View, the lounge at floor 48 of the Marriot  Marquis at Times Square. You can just have a drink but if you prefer so it is also possible to have a meal. The floor moves clockwise and in an hour you will have been given a whole tour of Manhattan views. Another nice place to have a meal in Times Square is the Hard Rock Cafe, though you might have to wait for some time as this area is always crowded.

Views from The View

4nd Street

If you can go back to Times Square at some moment do it very early on a weekend morning and get stunned seeing the place with all its lights and without human beings and how different it is from any other moment.Once you have had enough head south for 42 street and admire its theaters and lights. Perhaps you would like to buy some tickets now for some of the shows. 
Now head East for Bryant Park and the New York Public Library. Under that park, many of the library collections are kept. You can visit the library  yourself but you can also go on an organised visit that will teach you much more about its history and its working. 

New York Public Library

Keep on walking till you reach Grand Central Terminal, you will probably have seen its hall in a thousand movies. Don't miss its ceiling! Chrysler Building is closeby and though you can only visit the hall behind a rope it is worth seeing it.
2nd part of this day coming soon!

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