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Office of Admissions | Texas A&M University - Transfer

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AP stands for Advanced Placement. AP classes are traditionally advanced classes in which students complete college level curriculum. Students then have the opportunity to take AP exams at the end of the year a high enough score on an AP test will earn students college credit for that topic at most universities in the US.

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The best you thing you can do to help yourself gain entrance to a top university is to follow through with your game plan. It sounds like you have a good one!

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On a more serious note, the Bs are not great, but if you take as many AP classes as you possibly can and get straight As for the rest of high school I 8767 d say you still have a good chance at getting in. Your extracurriculars do sound amazing maybe your book will make the bestseller list and you won 8767 t even have to go to college if you don 8767 t want to! Keep up the good work, and best of luck!

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If you feel like it would just be too much to prepare for an AP exam or Subject Test while simultaneously maintaining your high GPA and meeting your other extracurricular obligations then don 8767 t take these tests. Remember, the most important part of your application is your GPA.

While the most selective schools may frown on those Cs, I would still apply, because you never know what they 8767 re going to do exactly. Slightly less selective schools probably won 8767 t care that much, and I 8767 m sure that if you keep up the good work and make the rest of your application really shine you will get into an excellent college. In the mean time, study hard and make straight As for the rest of high school!

Children naturally marvel with amazement and curiosity at the wonders found in numbers. Students learn to ask questions and pursue answers as they strive to solve real problems, communicate their understandings clearly as they develop a growing appreciation for math as a meaningful way of relating to the world.

I am currently a junior at a very small rural high school, but I hope to get accepted into Stanford. I 8767 m currently the Valedictorian but only out of a class of 78 people. However, all of my grades have been above 96% and I got an ACT score of 89. (I plan to retake because I know I can get a perfect 86.)
I 8767 m also active in several sports, clubs, and honors societies. Anyway, I 8767 ve just wondered if I really have a shot at Stanford, or if my application would be whole overlooked since I don 8767 t attend a highly competitive HS?
Thank you in advance

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In year two, the multi-layered nature of the design process is explored and urban theory and specialised sustainability knowledge is applied to design projects, transforming the aesthetic concepts of first year into the techno-cultural strategies used by professionals. You'll develop an increased awareness of architecture in a variety of contexts and improve your design processes and critical thinking skills.

Some information that might help you in your response: Our school 8767 s acceptance rates in the past three years for Stanford, Yale, and Princeton are all within 65-75% (with Columbia and Dartmouth close behind in the low tens).

Office of Admissions | Texas A&M University - Transfer

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