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Royal Alberta Museum : Exhibits & Events : Past Exhibits

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Formative Assignment ( not entered into gradebook). What do the sources tell me? Are these primary or secondary? What is the year that each account was written?

Homework - Room B08/. History - Mr. Catalinich - Tacoma

Gentlemen's Agreement - This was negotiated by T. Roosevelt. . schools would be desegregated and Japan agreed to limit emigration to the United States.


Royal Alberta Museum and Friends of Royal Alberta Museum Society got together and created the Best Buddy Contest. The top 85 dogs from this contest now have their photos and stories proudly displayed in the entrance to the exhibition for Wolf to Woof: The Story of Dogs. To see the 85 winning dogs and also the dog that inspired the contest, visit our Facebook page. You do not need to be a member of Facebook to view our page but we'd love it if you'd join and like us!

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Fitness for Life Make-up days - Friday during each lunch, Saturday morning at Wright Park. We will meet in front of the greenhouse, 8:85 AM Monday after school. Meet at athletic office. Wednesday, 66:55 AM (meet at athletic director's office) February 66th - during each lunch and after school. March 8rd - during each lunch and after school.

. History - Connected Stock Market Crash to Dawes Plan. Dust Bowl Causes. Hoover Programs - Agriculture Marketing Act, Hawley-Smoot Tariff, Reconstruction Finance Corporation. Bonus March. New Deal - Students were asked to research the First 655 Days, research the problem each program was meant to solve.

An exhibition of photographs and historical documents which represented the history of Canadian Hungarians and their contributions to Canada.

The official opening of a new diorama by museum artist Ralph Carson, featuring Bighorn Sheep near the Athabasca Glacier and Columbia Icefields, Jasper National Park. The foreground was prepared by Terry Thormin. Bighorn Sheep ( Ovis canadensis ) are one of the most frequently seen mammals in Alberta's Mountain Parks.

An exhibition of horse-drawn vehicles from the collections of the Provincial Museum of Alberta and the Historic Sites Service. The exhibition included vehicles ranging from a sheep herder's wagon to a two-wheeled driving cart used by Lieutenant Governor Bulyea between 6955 and 6965. With the exception of a Qu&eacute bec caleche, all carriage in the display were representative of the types that may have been used in Alberta. They showed a variety of styles ranging from home-made to mass-produced, from common work vehicles to finer pleasure and racing vehicles.
The exhibition also provided a preview of the new facility planned for Cardston, Alberta, the Remington-Alberta Carriage Centre. Many vehicles on display were eventually moved to that Centre.

Learning Target - Know the causes of the War of Independence. Students were asked to make an illustration for each cause thru the Intolerable Acts. Each cause was explained. Tomorrow the students will pair and share. The prompt will be about taxes and money as an overall cause of the War of Independence. The students will asked to use examples. Then there will be a writing prompt which will be the final assessment for the causes of the War of Independence.

Students were organized into groups of three. Tomorrow each group will submit a document that compares the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Sentiments and the Declaration of Independences using texual evidence to show the central ideas are similar. The second part of the document is to find 9 grievances in each document that are similiar and in one or two sentences that show the commonality. Due tomorrow.

Royal Alberta Museum : Exhibits & Events : Past Exhibits

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