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The Charter of Barcelona

Publicado el 10 octubre 2015 por Habitalia
The Charter of Barcelona

Source: The Hedge Mason Courtesy of Bro E C Ballard

Various Philosophical Modern Rite Bodies * day met on June 12, 2011, in the Valley of Barcelona, and decided on the creation of a body of cooperation, concentration and coordination between them to be known as Unión Masónica Universal del Rito Moderno or UMURM (Universal Masonic Union of the Modern Rite)

Which will work with full respect for the freedom and independence of the philosophical bodies of which it is composed. Based on the principles of absolute freedom of conscience and thought, based in Barcelona, and chaired by the Supreme SGIG Conselho do Rito Moderno do Brasil, Jose Maria Bonachi Batalla, this Universal Masonic Union of the Modern Rite (UMURM) acting on behalf of its participants for the following objectives:

1. To promote and disseminate the customs and practice of the Modern Rite.
2. To foster interrelations and harmony among its members to encourage the practice of a truly Universal Freemasonry.
3. Being a plural forum for dialogue and exchange in pursuit of creating a true Center of Union without regard to territorial, obediential, or ritualistic specificities
4. Facilitate rapprochement between Modern Rite Philosophical Bodies through mutual recognition without any kind of discrimination.
5. Develop a working dynamic and joint reflection issues between their bodies. The Universal Union Modern Rite Masonic will be at all times open to Philosophical any body who practices Modern Rite in the Five Orders of Wisdom, seeking admission, once contrasted his initiatic affiliation.
Victor Guerra

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