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Tips for wisely choosing fashion jewelry online

Publicado el 04 marzo 2016 por Ferranmunoz @ferran_munoz

TIPS FOR WISELY CHOOSING FASHION JEWELRY ONLINEEvery lady dreams of looking adorable and nothing can enhance the inherent beauty of a lady like a well-chosen fashion jewelry . So here are some tips for choosing fashion jewelry from a wide variety of wholesale fashion jewelry and wholesale statement necklaces online.

Selection of an online store

Select an online store with good collection of chic jewelry at reasonable prices. Compare the prices of the products there with those available at other sites and see if the pricing is just.

Finding a seller of fashion jewelry with reliability

Check the feedback of the customers regarding the seller of wholesale fashion jewelry or wholesale statement necklaces. If the prices are reasonable and the seller has a good reputation, you can start choosing the desired fashion jewelry .

Buy according to your budget

You know it well that you cannot buy everything you see on wholesale fashion jewelry sites . You need to buy fashionable jewelry according to your budget. So decide in advance how much you can spent for chunky necklaces or trendy bracelets.

Know your requirement

Settle first what to buy. If you are for a particular kind of jewelry then you know what to find. In case you decide to buy a whole collection of fashion jewelry then you should first go for jewelry that suit every occasion. Your collection should include stud earrings of diamond or pearl,versatile casual earrings, crystal coctail ring, versatile statement necklace, simple chain with diamond pendant and chain bracelet.

Choose according to the skin tone

While selecting earrings and istatement necklaces from wholesale fashion jewelry collection, pay attention to the skin coloration. Ladies with golden or peachy complexion look attractive in golden or warm colored ornaments. While ladies with bluish white or pinkish complexion look outstanding in diamond studded silver ornaments or jewelry with cool colors.

Size and shape matters

Selected wholesale fashion jewelry and wholesale statement necklaces should be proportionate to the body size. Each jewelry item should in harmony with the body part to which it is attached.

Shape of the face

A face can be round, oval, square, angular, long or short. Depending on the face shape wholesale fashion jewelry should be chosen. The piece of jewelry should deflect the face shape. Large and elongated faces look slimmer with dangling earrings.

Size of facial features

The size of the costume jewelry should match the size of the facial features. If the face is small, small-sized ornaments would seem appropriate and just the reverse for big features.

Length of the neck

Earrings should not extend past the chin. If the neck is long then dangling earrings can look elegant on the lady. Ladies with short necks should wear studs.

Size of the bust

Delicate statement necklaces enhance the beauty of smaller busts. While over-sized wholesale statement necklaces prevent big busts from looking even bigger.

Width of the wrist

Thick bracelets look good on wide wrists. In case of wrist watches, even thin wrists can look good sporting big watches.

Choice matters

Women's jewelry comes in different colors, shapes and sizes. Selecting jewelry from the vast range of ready-to-choose wholesale fashion jewelry and wholesale statement necklaces at different online stores can be a difficult task if you do not know what to look for, it is advisable to follow the above tips and enjoy being admired.

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