Tomajazz Interviews Anthony Braxton

Publicado el 30 julio 2010 por Tomajazz
Tomajazz Interviews Anthony Braxton
After an intense concert last October at "el Johnny" – the almost mythical jazz club at the San Juan Evangelista students' halls of residence in MadridAnthony Braxton was kind enough to meet Diego Sánchez Cascado, Pachi Tapiz and Fernando Ortiz de Urbina for a (very) early chat the next morning.
In person and with no music hardware at hand, Braxton's professorial appearance gets to the fore, apparently providing a more accurate and balanced view of his persona. His speech is articulated in a way that’s strikingly similar to his music: it is overwhelming because it carries plenty of information in a very structured way, although this may not be perceived immediately. However, this is balanced by a warm gentleness, an unassuming, almost self-effacing attitude, and a surprising sense of humour (we did laugh quite a lot)... Continuar leyendo en Tomajazz

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