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  • My Blade Runner http://www.mybladerunner.com/

    Dedicado a la película Blade Runner y su multiverso desde la óptica del coleccionista completista. En español e inglés.


  • New site: Blade Runner Collection

    Just started a new site. This one is oriented only to my Blade Runner collection (smart name uh?). It’s like a fotolog, with an object for post, with plenty of... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 29 marzo 2011 CINE
  • VKTest – The Voight-Kampff test for iPhone

    VKTest Voight-Kampff test iPhone

    After several months of I+D finally the VKTest App is ready! What is VKTest? A simple but fun test-alike application based in the Voight-Kampff test from Blade... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 16 marzo 2011 CINE
  • Blade Runner FAQ

    Working in a new and updated version of the classical alt.fan.blade-runner FAQ. From the lastest 4.2 edition and beyond… Must be revised and new additions... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 09 febrero 2011 CINE
  • The Lost Files returns

    Yeah. For some months I was out of bussiness and The Lost Files page was crashed down without notice (from my part). Some issues in the database, I think.... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 14 enero 2011
  • Blade Runner homage and spoof called Bladder Run

    Blade Runner homage spoof called Bladder

    Four Deadly Androids; One Bounty Hunter; We’re in BIG trouble Mark needs our support!!! Bladder Run – a homage to Blade Runner. Rex Dickard is a retired bounty... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 01 noviembre 2010 CINE
  • Blade Runner Collector’s Box with Spinner Vehicle

    Blade Runner Collector’s with Spinner Vehicle

    Ever dreamed with a big Spinner model from Medicom? Too expensive? Too hard to find at ebay? Well, now you can pre-order a new release Spinner in blue from... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 28 octubre 2010 CINE
  • Blade Runner revisited

    Some months ago I’ve ripped all the frames contained in the Final Cut 5 disc edition. Thousands of pictures, more than 1,080,000 snapshots… The Workprint... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 24 agosto 2010 CINE
  • Philip K Dick bookshelf

    Philip Dick bookshelf

    Long time since my last post here. Now, a premiere, or better, a pre-post… I have so much work at home, classifying, cleaning and setting up my room space to... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 22 agosto 2010 CINE
  • Cosmetics


    Some little changes in the page. The “Pages” section has been moved up in the right sidebar, and now includes a new topic: Galleries, with some pages plenty of... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 19 enero 2010 CINE
  • Tyrell pyramid

    Tyrell pyramid

    After some hassles and issues with mail service, today is a great day. Received a big box with two Tyrell pyramid parts inside. They was casted from originals... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 09 enero 2010 CINE
  • Saving stuff: Clay pipes

    Saving stuff: Clay pipes

    These nice clay pipes are very very fragile, so, I’ve stored for months in a sturdy cardboard box plenty of foam bubbles and so on. Till now. I’ve found this... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 05 enero 2010 CINE
  • The Blade Hunter

    Blade Hunter

    A new figure from China, the Blade Hunter. A new Deckard at 1/16″ escale. Well done, except, IMHO, in the shoes. Two heads included, one with some blood.... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 13 septiembre 2009 CINE
  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? comic edition

    Androids Dream Electric Sheep? comic edition

    At last, the #1 issue of this comic serie has arrived. Three different covers, the 4th was not available (yet) at Fordibben Planet Comics. No matter. This... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 06 agosto 2009 CINE
  • Los Angeles 2019 CD

    Angeles 2019

    This bootleg contains an interesting track list. Los Angeles – November 2019 0’30 Third Sector – China Town 4’43 Fourth Sector – downTown3’58 Nineteenth Sector ... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 09 julio 2009 CINE