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Versions Galore: "El Anniversary Mix para La Colmena de Humo"

Publicado el 13 abril 2010 por Alborrero

Versions Galore: El Anniversary Mix para La Colmena de Humo
Happy Anniversary Perrata2k!Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your 1 year celebration.For those that don't know me, I run a blog called Versions Galore and I cover, well, cover versions of songs. I honestly have no idea why I initially chose to blog solely about covers, but at this point it's a corner I've now gladly backed myself into. Occasionally in my travels around the world wide intranets however, I come across some great re-workings of tracks that don't actually qualify as a proper cover version. Whine and kvetch as I often do, rules are rules and despite whatever the current doe-eyed, leather-jacketed riff-raff preach, they are not to be broken. So I've taken this golden opportunity to share with you a mix of a few favorite inspired re-edits, remixes and mashups that didn't make theVersions Galore covers-only cut.Enjoy!LS

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