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What is HGH - A Complete Guide

Por Kira @un10enbelleza

For many years, I've been reading posts and people complaining about how expensive HGH was. That where there is a demand for something, cheaper alternatives will appear on the market. There has always been such an alternative: CJC-1295 with DAC (and some others), but these peptides were more expensive than HGH itself and were hard to find.

Then suddenly in 2011, I saw some posts on the internet about China releasing its version of HGH called Saizen / Serostim / Levemir with an amino-acid sequence identical to the human version.

  • Type: GHRH & GHRP together in a single syringe
  • Amount: 1mg/1ml
  • Price: 20+€

I bought one and used it for a month. However I stopped using it because I did not feel a significant difference, even if the peptide was indeed identical to human version. Around that time HGH costed around 40-50€ per 1mg amp. Then, in October 2012, GH 15 from EliteSciences appeared on the market.

  • Type: HGH
  • Amount: 1mg/1ml (2mg/1ml also available)
  • Price: 20+€ (30+€ for 2mg/1ml) (so 3-4 times less than the price of real HGH).

I ordered several bottles and I've been using it since November 2012. GH15 is a GHRH analogue and as such, the effects are quite different from those of HGH itself. It can be described as a "super version" of CJC -1295 without DAC (which I used before).

The first time that I took this peptide, the effects were very noticeable. Not only I've grown a full inch on my arms, but also my abs were showing much more than usual. GH15 has been known to cause insulin resistance and the reason behind that is that it stimulates Growth Hormone Receptor in a similar way as insulin. In other words, the insulin receptors become insensitive to normal levels of insulin and as a result, the blood sugar levels elevate after eating. That is why I recommend not taking GH15 after 7pm if you plan on going to sleep before 11pm because it may be difficult to fall asleep with high blood sugars.

GH15 has many benefits but it also comes with few side effects. The side effect that people don't like is the increased sweating and body odor. For some people, GH15 can also cause acne (but not everyone). Another side effect that I noticed after taking this peptide is sleep apnea; it became much more difficult for me to breathe while sleeping. This has happened in a period of 2-3 weeks after I started taking GH15 and it disappeared after I stopped using it.

GH15 is a peptide with good effects and side effects alike, but the benefits certainly outweigh the risks when we look at the price of this product. It's cheaper than real HGH and its actions are quite different from those of real HGH. Radically different in fact: GH15 stimulates Growth Hormone Receptors, while HGH does just the opposite and shuts them down.

In my opinion, GH15 is a better alternative for those who cannot afford buying real HGH or don't have easy access to it. With GH15 one can enjoy some good benefits of increased Growth Hormone levels without feeling all the side effects of real HGH, such as water retention and increased blood pressure.

Conclusion: GH15 is a good alternative to human Growth Hormone for those who cannot afford it or don't have access to it. It's also recommended to use it if your body weight is around 15% over the ideal level because both appetite and weight gain will increase, making it easier for you to gain more weight.

  • Type: Peptide complex
  • Amount: 2mg/1ml
  • Price: 10+€

I have been using GHRP-6 from EliteSciences since July 2013 and I'm quite satisfied with the results so far. In comparison with GH15, this peptide is milder than I expected. However, GHRP-6 does almost everything that GH15 does but with less drastic effect which is good if you also use real HGH concurrently (because of the possibility of insulin resistance).

GHRP-6 has one benefit over GH15: it boosts IGF-1 levels more than GH15 does, which is definitely a plus if you want to gain as much muscle as possible. The downside of GHRP-6 is that there are several reported cases of it causing pancreatitis, so be careful if you take this peptide.

Conclusion: GHRP-6 is a milder alternative to GH15 and it's a good choice if you plan on using real HGH simultaneously.

GH is a hormone that stimulates cells throughout the body to produce proteins. These proteins make up muscle, bone, cartilage and other tissues. It also stimulates the liver to produce another protein called "IGF-1" which has a similar effect to growth stimulation caused by GH alone. IGF-1 replaces GH in many ways because unlike GH, IGF-1 can last in the bloodstream for many hours and it also travels to tissues throughout the entire body where it activates cell growth. IGF-1 doesn't directly cause cells to grow: instead, it works by increasing the effects of other hormones and substances produced by the body that affect growth and cell reproduction.

GH is naturally secreted by the pituitary gland in both humans and animals. However, the pituitary gland produces less HGH as we age. It has been proven that GH can reverse or at least slow down some of the effects of aging which is why many anti-aging clinics prescribe it to older people.

Uses for GH are plentiful: improved sleep, increased muscle mass, enhanced sex drive and immune function are just some of the benefits that GH users can experience. However, it is an expensive hormone to buy because real HGH is very difficult to obtain. That's where Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide comes into play. GHRPs have similar effects on the body as human Growth Hormone does, but they are nowhere near as expensive to buy. Also, GHRPs have some benefits over HGH in that they have a higher ability of causing muscle growth and fat loss while being milder in side effects.

Recommended dosage is 0.1-0.5mg per injection depending on the quality of your peptide. Note that if you inject GH peptides subcutaneously, it will have a relatively short half life compared to other peptides because the more fat tissue there is near the injection site, the faster GH peptide will be broken down.

Effects of GH

Growth Hormone is produced by the body in the anterior pituitary gland. It's main purposes are to stimulate growth, cell reproduction and regeneration in humans.

GH also stimulates the liver to produce IGF-1 (Insulin like Growth Factor 1). IGF-1 is like a "secondary" hormone because it causes human cells to grow. The effects of GH on muscle work by causing muscle satellite cells to fuse together which results in larger and stronger muscle cells. GH also increases production of certain substances in muscle cells that cause muscles to grow larger and stronger overtime.

GH is well known for increasing the amount of deep sleep you get which helps your body recover faster from exercise. This is because GH enhances both memory consolidation (for learning) and memory recall (for remembering facts, names, places, times, etc.). Memory recall is the opposite of memory consolidation which means that GH also helps you to remember more.

GH also promotes greater cognitive function which makes learning easier because it increases both memory consolidation and recall. Cognitive function is essentially "mental clarity". GH will help you concentrate better on tasks at hand because it enhances your ability to focus.

GH also benefits the immune system by increasing production of Antibodies, interferons and cytokines. That means that GH will help prevent you from getting sick because it makes your body stronger against foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria.

There are many more benefits to using GH but most of them can't really be noted any measurable way. Some benefits include improved sleep, increased sex drive and decreased levels of Triglycerides in the bloodstream (which can lead to heart disease).

GH is one of the most expensive hormones on the market especially if you are buying it from a reputable company. The reason for this is because GH is widely counterfeited by underground labs who make fake HGH. Underground labs will sell their products as "real" GH from China even though the product is fake simply because it's so difficult to tell if a GH kit is real or not without expensive lab equipment.

As stated before, GHRPs have similar effects on the body as GH does, but they are nowhere near as expensive especially if you buy from a reputable company. You can find many companies online that sell real GHRP-6 and Ipamorelin at very reasonable prices.

GH Side Effects

Like most hormones out there, excessive amounts of GH will result in negative side effects. The reason for this is because our bodies weren't designed to handle large amounts of growth hormone overtime so when we inject too much into our system over a short period of time, our natural pituitary gland shuts down production completely. So it is recommended to cycle GH peptides rather than injecting them daily even though some people do it anyways with no problems.

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