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Whitehaven Central Harbour Site Competition. RIBA

Por Mauriciomaturanamuller
Whitehaven Central Harbour Site Competition. RIBA
Whitehaven Central Harbour Site Competition. RIBAThe 2,600m2 [0.26Ha] site occupies a fantastic setting adjacent to Whitehaven Harbour and represents one of the most impressive current development opportunities in Cumbria. Over the past decade, the former working port has been transformed into a thriving marina for leisure craft, with significant investment in associated public realm improvements. The redevelopment of the site presents an opportunity to continue this regeneration via the contribution of an active harbour frontage, with improved visual and pedestrian links to the town centre.

The scheme should reinforce the distinctiveness of Whitehaven, and seek to complement, via the use of high quality architectural approaches, the local vernacular rather than necessarily offering a pastiche of it. The scheme should respond to the context of the harbour-side setting and its marina, but should be mindful of its position between the harbour and the Town Centre, to achieve a sustainable development of long-lasting architectural quality.

Whilst allowing Whitehaven to become known as an exemplar of creative, high quality contextual design, the scheme will have to present a commercially viable proposition.

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