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YAF Atlanta Design-Build Challenge. Winners. 2nd Place

Por Mauriciomaturanamuller
YAF Atlanta Design-Build Challenge. Winners. 2nd Place
YAF Atlanta Design-Build Challenge. Winners. 2nd PlaceThe following project where selected by our distinguished jury. Thank you everyone for participating. We had a lot of fun organizing and we hope everyone will follow YAF ATLANTA in the future.

Project Name: Host/Virus

Team Name: Niles Bolton Associates, INC.

Leader: Mohamed Mohsen / Nicholas Hill

Team Memebers: Eric Letbetter

This installation is a construct of realities in social, economic, and environmental viruses and their interaction with what is intended to be pure. The cube represents the host, what is understood as pure. The points represent the many virus nodes we encounter. The cells represent the growth of an infection from each virus as they interact within an environment. As these cells contact the shell, the shell begins to degenerate, representing the detrimental reaction that these viruses have on the host. The installation allows one to move along a given path and interact with the construct to experience the connections and develop an understanding of how the two different typologies interface.


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