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Hey Garnerstyle: Big Shoes Blues

Publicado el 30 enero 2013 por Violetta @violettanycity
I get questions all the time.  A lot of them are the same kinds of questions.  I love y'all and I am thoroughly appreciative for your support and questions, but you can imagine how it feels to answer the same question over and over to different people.  A fellow blogger from Wardrobe Oxygen has an awesome questions & answer posts, so I have decided to take cue from her and answer a question from reader.  Hopefully this will help in the sense that we both have reference guides to go back and forth too.   
Hey Garnerstyle:  Big Shoes BluesOh, I remember these days.  I've been a true size 11 since the age of 11 years old and finding cute shoes that match both your personality and your shoe size can be a pain in the butt.  I know that it's hard to find shoes in an size 11, so anything larger than that is even harder.  Fortunately I pretty awesome at finding large size shoes.  My best friend and ex-roommate played college basketball and stand 6'1 and a great many of her teammates would come visit us.  Some as tall as 6'5 and wearing a size 12 shoe.   As the "fashion friend" and  and fellow "big footer" I would always lend out advice on where to snag cute party shoes in size 11+.  
Hey Garnerstyle:  Big Shoes BluesMiddleoftheRow:  Sam Edelman $139, Ninewest $99, Ninewest $109Enzo Angiolini $140, Ninewest $75, Halogen $120
Hey Garnerstyle:  Big Shoes BluesBudgetFriendly: Payless Christian Siriano $33, Payless Christian Siriano $55, Christian Siriano Payless $55, Torrid $20, Lane Bryant $60, Ninewest via $54
Hey Garnerstyle:  Big Shoes Blues
Luxe:  Mui Mui $595Saint Laurent $895,  Nicholas Kirkwood $695, JCrew $350, Mui Mui $675, Charlotte Olympia $895
Here are some tips for finding larger size shoes:
  • My go-to stores are Ninewest, Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack ~ They make searching easy and generally have a large shoe sections for even the size 11s and above.  If you are fortunate to live near outlets, Ninewest Outlets have a great selection of size 12s.  
  • Try and different brands and so you can familarize yourself with how they fit.  I never have a hope of wearing Manolos, Jimmy Choo or Christian Loubitins, because they run narrow and small, even in a size 12 I can't wear those shoes.  My feet resemble those of Fred Flintstone (thanks Mom!).  I can, however, wear Valentino, they run fairly normal in size.  
  • When you see it, buy it.  I've always had a snatch and grab theory when it comes to shoes.  They are so hard to find that when find a pair that is perfect for you then buy it.  I promise it won't be there later. 
  • Plus size retailers like Torrid, Lane Bryant, an often do carry shoes in larger sizes and in wider widths, so make sure you are always looking at those places just in case something fabulous comes along.
  • Repair, repair, repair.  Like a good man, size 11+ fabulous shoes are hard to find.   Instead of tossing your favorite pair of shoes that become damaged, get them repaired.  Better yet, do a little preventative care on your shoes so that they will last longer.   You can have the soles reinforced for a small fee.  
  • eBay!!! Fabulous & unique shoes are sold on eBay all the time in size 11s or larger.  
  • Just like plus size clothing, these retailers are starting to realize that there is a large market of women who wear a size 11+, so they are starting to cater to that girl.  Get your google search on periodically to just see who's carrying those size 11s, 12s, & 13s. 
  • Finally, know that you are going to be on the hunt.  You want fabulous shoes they are not just going to jump up and say, "Here I am!"  Don't get discouraged when you don't find what you want, just keep looking.  Persistence will pay off, I promise!
If you have any suggestion on finding larger size shoes please share with a comment.  Got a question that you would like to be answered, send it to my message box at the Garnerstyle Facebook Page.  I can't guarantee that everyone's question will be featured, but you know I will try.  

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