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Loving this TV spot, Male fragrances #1

Publicado el 28 diciembre 2010 por Cynthiagarcia
1. In the first place is 1 million, by Paco Rabanne. I just can say OH MY GOSH! When I first saw this spot I couldn't stop watching it, and...that's mostly because of Mat Gordon, the model. It still amazes me everytime I see it.

* I have this perfume for women, and it smells really good, but it haven't too much fixative.

The video:

2. Second place is for Only the brave, by Diesel. Why do I like it? Because Sam Way is in it and looks really really handsome.

The video:

3. And finally the third place is for Le Male, by Jean Paul Gaultier. I love all in this commercial, the music, the models...ALL!

* I had this fragrance for female, it smells so good, I recommend it.

And that's all. I didn't put more because it's difficult to find commercials with only men.

Hope you liked it!
x, Cynthia

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