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Madonna setlist MDNA Tour Barcelona

Publicado el 19 junio 2012 por Jjproduccionesgg

(Miércoles 20 de junio /  Palau Sant Jordi, a partir de las 21.30h)
Madonna setlist MDNA Tour Barcelona
Son éstas:
    1. The Prayer Ouverture: Act of Contrition (with Kalakan) (with excerpts from "Lekhah dodi")
    2. Girl Gone Wild (with samples from "Material…more)
    3. Revolver
    4. Gang Bang
    5. Papa Don't Preach
    6. Hung Up (with samples from "Girl Gone Wild")
    7. I Don't Give A Prophecy Best Friend (video interlude; with samples from "Heartbeat")
    8. Express Yourself (with excerpts from "Born This…more)
    9. Give Me All Your Luvin' Turning Up the Hits (video interlude; with samples…more)
    10. Turn Up the Radio
    11. Open Your Heart (with Kalakan) (with excerpts from "Sagarra jo!" by Kalakan)
    12. Masterpiece (with Kalakan) Masculine/Feminine Justify My Love (video interlude)
    13. Vogue
    14. Candy Shop (with samples from "Ashamed of…more)
    15. Human Nature
    16. Like a Virgin (with samples from "Evgeni's…more) Redemption Nobody Knows Me (video interlude)
    17. I'm Addicted
    18. I'm a Sinner (with Kalakan) (with excerpts from "Cyber-Raga")
    19. Like a Prayer
    20. Celebration (with samples from "Girl Gone Wild")

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