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Octubre: Mes de la lucha contra el cáncer

Por Sfhealthcoach @sfhealthcoach
No suelo hablar de esto, es un tema que invariablemente me deja triste, sin embargo el cáncer es y ha sido parte de mi vida.
Soy una sobreviviente, y justamente fue el cáncer, una de las cosas que me motivó a buscar una vida más saludable.  

Octubre: Mes de la lucha contra el cáncer

Hoy no importa ahondar en lo que me pasó hace más de 15 años, sino en cómo podemos protegernos, cómo podemos ayudar para que se invierta más en investigación y prevención.
Los invito a llevar una vida más saludable, a incluir en dieta alimentos orgánicos, granos, cereales integrales, semillas, frutas y verduras, a hacer ejercicio y especialmente a cuidar su mente, espíritu y cuerpo.
Infórmate, cuídate, acude a tus revisiones médicas con regularidad. Si puedes, dona, apoya una causa:
Quiero compartirles una nota, texto original de Emily Walsh:
(Emily:  Thanks!)
Don't Ignore The Mind/Body Connection!
by Emily Walsh

"Did you know that there is a proven connection between the condition of your mind and the condition of your body?, a website operated by the American Academy of Family Physicians, says that your physical health can definitely be a manifestation of your mental and emotional health ( Though they may seem like two separate entities, both scientific and anecdotal proof has been recorded that indicates that you can reduce the frequency and intensity of physical symptoms of illness by taking good care of your mind. That’s good news for those who have been diagnosed with cancer! Whether it’s a mesothelioma prognosis or a colon cancer scare, you can improve your physical symptoms by creating a worry-free and stress-free mindset.
If you are carrying the stress that often comes along with a cancer diagnosis, you may be wondering how you can effectively take care of your mind and emotions. Because there is a connection between your body and your mind, one of the best ways that you can help lessen the physical symptoms of your illness is to take care of your body. That is, you need to make sure that you are eating well and exercising on a daily basis. Also, you need to ensure that you are getting enough sleep each night as well as avoiding drug or alcohol abuse.
Unfortunately, many cancer patients report that the stress or grief surrounding the loss of their health causes them to lose sleep at night or have a low appetite. You may also find that you are fatigued and you don’t feel like exercising, or that you feel like turning to drugs and alcohol to help you cope with what you are facing. However, these ways of coping will work against you as you strive to beat your cancer diagnosis. One of the best ways for you to cope with stress and grief is to make sure that you are
seeking balance in your life. It is easy to focus on the negative side of what is happening to you right now, but you need to find a way to focus on the things that make you happy and bring peace to your life. Try not to stress about the little things or obsess over temporarily negative situations.
Whether you are stressed out, grieving, or you just need support to become the cancer warrior that you want to be, a life coach can definitely help you achieve your best life as a cancer survivor. Being diagnosed with lymphoma,
mesothelioma, colon cancer, or any other type of cancer does not have to mean a life of pain and misery. Don’t ignore the mind/body connection! Seek support that will help you take control of your mental state so that you will have the strength to take care of the rest of you. In the end, creating a good support system will be the best thing you ever did for yourself and for those who care for and about you."

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