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Ojo chatarra: metralla de imágenes

Por Libretachatarra
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Los invitamos a pegarse una vueltita por los tableros de nuestra cuenta y encontrar imágenes como éstas que reproducimos en este post. Pasean, vean y difundan.

 photo ojo_chatarra20_91_zps3077dab8.jpg
Eden Hazard, mid-flightPhotograph: Adidas

 photo ojo_chatarra20_96_zps9237ee1a.jpg
Chimney pots on the roof of Casa Mila - also known as La Pedrera - designed by Antoni Gaudi
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 photo ojo_chatarra20_101_zps85cc8a45.jpg
Poderosa obra del reconocido artista contemporáneo Kim Joon (1966) que representa intrigantes cuerpos tatuados en busca de contexto.
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 photo ojo_chatarra20_90_zps391c1815.jpg
Beijing, China: Models present creations by Korean brand Vantvaart during China Fashion WeekPhotograph: Feng Li/Getty Images
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 photo ojo_chatarra20_97_zps6595a31d.jpg
Pascal Campion
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 photo ojo_chatarra20_95_zps0e197811.jpg
El agua en imágenes | Fotogalería | Sociedad | EL PAÍS
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 photo ojo_chatarra20_100_zps651cc66f.jpg
Rome, Italy: a pilgrim prays in St Peters Square as cardinals attend mass before entering the conclave in Vatican CityPhotograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
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 photo ojo_chatarra20_99_zps014414d4.jpg
Hangzhou, China: A piece of graphene aerogel developed at Zhejiang University is placed on a cherry flower. The sponge-like matter weighs 0.16 milligrams per cubic centimetre and is the worlds lightest solid material.Photograph: Long Wei/EPA
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 photo ojo_chatarra20_94_zpsacd0af82.jpg
Inez and Vinoodh self-portrait The arty fashion photographer duo’s self-portrait, from a Lanvin campaign (included in Taschen’s new luxury tome on their work), is very Death And The Maiden. It works a gender reversal on the theme popular since the Renaissance, where women embrace skeletal paramours.Photograph: PR
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 photo ojo_chatarra20_98_zps97210a02.jpg
World#25, Ruud van Empel 2007Photograph: Courtesy: Flatland Gallery, Amsterdam
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 photo ojo_chatarra20_93_zps8e10e7dc.jpg
Anna Majborodawww.theartistsroo...
Repineado desde Bella Rocchi

 photo ojo_chatarra20_92_zpsd76457b1.jpg
Palangan Village, in the mountains near the Iraq border. Palangan, illustrative of many of the countrys rural settlements, has benefited handsomely from government support. Many villagers are employed in a nearby fish farm, or are paid members of the Basij, whose remit includes prevention of westoxification, and the preservation of everything the 1979 Islamic revolution and its leader the Ayatollah Khomeini stood for, including strict rules on female clothing and male/female interaction. (© A…
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