• Cement Cage

    Cement Cage

    I'm definitely at home and my feet back on the ground to begin this new phase of the year, although sometimes its routine claws stifle me, it also offers small... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 28 septiembre 2013
  • Summertime Sadness

    Summertime Sadness

    I’m sorry for my long absence, but these months I've been living a great adventure so exciting that has kept me busy during all summer.But unfortunately... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 06 septiembre 2013
  • Micro Top


    I feel sad for having been away for so long but as we are at the end of the course there is no alternative.I've spent my days buried in endless piles of notes... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 02 julio 2013
  • Denim Power

    Denim Power

    Unfortunately last week I had to visit the dentist because I had two teeth pulled out, so I've spent most of the weekend with the right side of his face swollen. Leer el resto

    Publicado el 13 abril 2013
  • Stripes Alarm

    Stripes Alarm

    Every time I go to Madrid I feel a captivating energy and inspiration, don’t know the reason yet but the truth is that I feel as if I were a different person,... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 02 abril 2013
  • Sightseeing Toledo

    Sightseeing Toledo

    Taking advantage of our little journey to Madrid, on Saturday we had the brilliant idea of ​​visiting Toledo, it’s a marvelous town, I highly recommend you to... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 28 marzo 2013
  • Shine Bright

    Shine Bright

    In these days when the cloudscome and go, rain has become habitual and the umbrella is a must in ourbags, what better way to trick the sadness that a pair of... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 18 marzo 2013
  • Get the look: Paris Fashion Week

    look: Paris Fashion Week

    Once again I show you some of the looks that have caught my attention from the stunning fashion week in Paris but trying to accommodate them to the cheapest... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 06 marzo 2013
  • Boyfriend Jeans

    Boyfriend Jeans

    Definitely I have to say I hate the wind in my city (Zaragoza). It is a very unpleasantintruder that sneaks in everyone’s clothes, undoing impressive outfits,... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 24 febrero 2013
  • Working Girl

    Working Girl

    Hey guys! How was your weekend? I'm still recovering from mycold and spend all day with a red nose and surrounded by tissues. Luckily the make-up can work... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 17 febrero 2013
  • Lady Black

    Lady Black

    Today when I stood at the closet trying to decide what to wear has wonmy lady side buttrying to give a different touch to the look I’ve added a sweatshirt with... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 10 febrero 2013
  • Daddy's Sweater

    Daddy's Sweater

    Taking advantage of a break in my depressing studying day, I've decided to break my silence with this look for the countryside: Hunter boots and my daddy's... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 25 enero 2013
  • Christmas Eve


    Hi sweeties! How are your Christmas holidays?I'm locked up day in and day out at home studying for my finals in January.So for this reason I've been a little... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 31 diciembre 2012
  • New Year, New Look

    Year, Look

    As the arrival of a New Year is coming and one of my New Year’s resolutions was to changesomething in my life, I’ve decided to change my hair, give it a new mor... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 24 diciembre 2012
  • It's Party Time!!

    It's Party Time!!

    Finally, here it is the last post of the great evening: dinner and dancing! And if you asked me what was the highlight of the night? I would say: being able to... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 19 diciembre 2012
  • Pearls and Velvet!

    Pearls Velvet!

    Hi sweeties! Here it is the second part, just an hour before the party!I want to show you the look I chose for the event. In fact it was very simple with an... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 12 diciembre 2012
  • A Great Night Coming!

    Great Night Coming!

    Finally it's Friday and the weekend is closer than ever! Last week a very special event took place, it was my expected“Paso de Ecuador”. Leer el resto

    Publicado el 07 diciembre 2012
  • Fallen Leaves

    Fallen Leaves

    Hi sweeties! Finally I’m back after 3 endless weeks doing my exams at University. But I’m here to stay! Today I bring a veryautumnal look andas the scene a... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 02 diciembre 2012
  • Get The Look # 1


    To celebrate I've finally reached 100 followersand thank you all for your support and of course the time you spend inreading me, I’ve decided to opena new... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 07 noviembre 2012
  • A Fur Day

    Hi guys! Finally it’s Friday and to welcome the expected weekend I’ve picked one of the loveliest clothes in my closet: a fur vest (synthetic). Leer el resto

    Publicado el 02 noviembre 2012