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  • The Bold Lip

    I'm a big big fan of bold lips . Reds, oranges, burgundies … love them all to look radiant and sophisticated. So, since today it's friday ( finally ! ) , I... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 19 abril 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Coachella is the place to be

    Coachella place

    Definitely, Coachella is much more than a music festival. I sometimes even think that it's certainly more like a fashion show than a music event, don't you ? Leer el resto

    Publicado el 16 abril 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Night & Day


    I'm the kind of person who tries to take advantage of the essential garments in order to wear them either during the day or a during an evening date. As an... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 12 abril 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Thank You


    So, yesterday was my birthday and despite the fact that it's the fourth year I'm far from home, I felt absolutely wrapped by my family and friends in the... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 11 abril 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Lara's closet

    Lara's closet

    The gossip girl inside me is mesmerized by all those articles and photos of designers and celebrities closets. It's amazing how the garments we have in our... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 09 abril 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • White, Wood & Green

    White, Wood Green

    We are lately looking for a new apartment since the place we are living in now, just turned a bit too small since we started working at home. We are in the... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 07 abril 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Londoners


    I'm super excited thinking about tomorrow. We are finally meeting up in London with a bunch of friends who are coming from all around the world specially for... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 04 abril 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Color Combo

    Color Combo

    I'm a bit disappointed with the major spring trend. The black white combo is elegant and chic, there's no doubt about it, but I find it a bit boring since I've... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 04 marzo 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • & Other Stories

    Other Stories

    In a few days the first store of Other Stories is opening its doors in London and , in spite of the preview of some images about the whole concept , I'm a... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 27 febrero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Embroidery


    I still have my eyes on the Fashion Weeks street style. And this is what caught my attention this time…the embroidery jackets. Leer el resto

    Publicado el 22 febrero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Year of the Snake

    Year Snake

    So it's the year of the Snake an seems like fashion world is celebrating it with pops of snake prints here and there, just as a tribute. We specially love this... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 18 febrero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • How to wear the turband in style

    So here you have three cool ways to wear a turband in style this spring. I know, I know… it's still cold outside, but I'm that eager to say good bye to my beani... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 16 febrero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Kimono vs Blazer

    Kimono Blazer

    We actually saw a few kimonos last spring season , but I think they were just a preview of what was coming this season. Not sure whether they may replace the... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 14 febrero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Spotted in NYFW

    Spotted NYFW

    Here we have the firsts looks from the NYFW and I'm already in love with this elegant combination of camel coat with printed pants. Love, love, love... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 08 febrero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Shine bright like a diamond

    Shine bright like diamond

    …or at least, just shine adding a bit of silver in your outfit. My favorite look from the ones below ? The one with white jacket and silver shorts is just... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 08 febrero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Video vs Paper

    Soy de las que disfrutan con el típico y convencional catálogo impreso en papel; de las que miran, remiran y repasan los looks una y otra vez. Pero como todo,... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 06 febrero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Black leather

    Black leather

    Today it's been one of these sunny yet very windy days, hence my crazy hair style :) Despite the wind, I took advantage of the nice weather to borrow my sister'... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 03 febrero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Shirt as Skirt

    Shirt Skirt

    So here's a new trend I'm lately seeing in some fashion blogs. I'm talking about wearing shirts ( checked ones preferably ) as skirts. What do you think ? Leer el resto

    Publicado el 29 enero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Bare legs

    Bare legs

    I'm not sure what is this all about , but I'm lately absolutely amazed with some fashion bloggers who dare walking bare legged in winter…even in the snow. Leer el resto

    Publicado el 28 enero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Color Combo

    Color Combo

    Regarding the previous post , here you have a great color combo in order to provide a bit of originality to the lately omnipresent Black White. There's nothin... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 27 enero 2013 TENDENCIAS