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  • Black & White

    Black White

    Okay, so we all know that back white trend just hit the stores , right ? And yes, I'm already sick of all those striped pants and blazers…but ( there's... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 26 enero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Details make the difference

    Details make difference

    Mi madre me suele decir que 'como por los ojos' cuando se me antojan cosas sólo por el mero hecho de tener una pinta estupenda…no os pasa ? Leer el resto

    Publicado el 24 enero 2013 DECORACIÓN, TENDENCIAS
  • Saveén Challenge

    Saveén Challenge

    I'm lately woking on the new spring collection and yesterday I was shown the samples for a new clutch / bag that is coming soon at the store. Leer el resto

    Publicado el 23 enero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Good Morning !

    I couldn't find a better way to start the week than watching this video by Tiger in a Jar. Enjoy this relaxing and sweet moment :)No he encontrado una mejor... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 21 enero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Men Repeller Outfits

    Repeller Outfits

    I sort of think these outfits are 'men repeller' since they seem to be a bit too masculine. But, honestly…who cares ? I definitely don't, so I'm totally in... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 20 enero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Take me to Morocco

    Take Morocco

    A few years ago I did visit Morocco as a part of a summer gateway. I went along with my boy , and we had a wonderful time in Marrakech enjoying the cuisine,... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 17 enero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Get the Look


    To be honest, I was in love with this furry coat before seeing a similar one worn by stylish Viviana; but now... I'm definitely in 'need' of it ! Get the look... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 14 enero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Temptations


    We are moving from our tiny apartment to a bigger one very soon, so we will need to invest our budget in some new furniture and decoration stuff. Leer el resto

    Publicado el 10 enero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Eating healthy

    Eating healthy

    After so many feasts during the holidays , I need ( my body needs ) a bit of green and healthy food. I got some inspiration from the great blog Whole Kitchen... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 09 enero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Puffy


    A few weeks back I did buy a lovely navy blue beanie at COS. I was firstly very happy with my new garment, but after trying it out I realized that there were a... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 06 enero 2013 TENDENCIAS
  • Dreams


    If I ever get married I would be dressed by Laure de Sagazan. I would take a flight to Paris to visit her atelier. I would try out some of her wonderful... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 03 enero 2013 BODA, TENDENCIAS
  • Flora


    So one of the resolutions for the new year 2013 is to assume that great and so french custom of getting a bunch of fresh flowers during the early morning , whil... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 02 enero 2013 DECORACIÓN
  • Today ….


    Today I'd like to suggest a toast to the new year 2013 ! I wish all your dreams come true ;)Hoy no puedo pensar en otra cosa que en agradecer que estéis aquí, e... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 31 diciembre 2012 TENDENCIAS
  • Little Break

    Little Break

    I know I'm lately missing , but it's just a little break I decided to take in order to fully enjoy the holiday reunions with family and friends. Nevertheless,... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 27 diciembre 2012 TENDENCIAS
  • 3 Looks, 3 Styles

    Looks, Styles

    So I just found three fantastic inspirational looks suggested by Madewell for the coming Christmas events. How do you feel... Fashion, chic or lady ? Leer el resto

    Publicado el 20 diciembre 2012 TENDENCIAS
  • Christmas Special

    Christmas Special

    It's Christmas time and I want to celebrate it in advance with a special sale in the store. So, for those who still don't know, you can enjoy a 10% discount at... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 20 diciembre 2012 TENDENCIAS
  • Coup de Coeur

    Coup Coeur

    As I told you before, during the showroom this past weekend, I got the chance to meet some great designers and young entrepreneurs exhibiting their creations... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 19 diciembre 2012 TENDENCIAS
  • Eleonora


    Let me introduce you my new design : Eleonora . It's come just in time for Christmas, so if you want to give a surprise with this cool bag, you're still on time... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 17 diciembre 2012 TENDENCIAS
  • Our Stand


    As some of you already know, this past weekend I had the chance to take part in one of the showrooms organized by La Belle Vie. Leer el resto

    Publicado el 17 diciembre 2012 TENDENCIAS
  • Gatherings


    kNow it's that time of year when we all have plenty of plans for dinners, lunches and reunions with friends and colleagues; just as an introduction for Christma... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 13 diciembre 2012 TENDENCIAS