• Back to school…

    Back school…

    Hello everyone! the vacation is almost over, and although we love to do nothing and wear our favorite pijamas, it is also exciting to see your friends and tell... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 13 agosto 2014
  • What to wear for a… Interview Job

    What wear Interview

    A while ago I had an interview job and of course I didn’t know what to wear haha, I think your outfit will depend on many factors such as your profession (You... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 29 julio 2014
  • Decoration: Closet ideas

    Decoration: Closet ideas

    Últimamente tengo una obsesión por we heart it y pinterest, me encanta ver como algo tan sencillo puede verse increíble sabiendo como acomodarlo, es por esto qu... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 24 julio 2014
  • Kenzo nails

    Kenzo nails

    Hi girls! last week I saw this nail design with eyes that characterize the fall/winter 2013 Kenzo collection, so I decided to make a tutorial to explain how to... Leer el resto

    Publicado el 15 enero 2014