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Who are you?

Por Peterpank @castguer

Who are you?

I know all the paths that lead me to your deepest thoughts
I’ ve seen your darkness and your most secret tenderness
I’ ve touched your dawn and felt you as a new born
I’ ve cried for your death before it occurs
And seen you as an ancient
Walking slowly and staring at the strange faces,
Carrying all the weights in the world uppon your shoulder.
Stunned in front of the human beings
Asking to yourself : Who am I? what a hell is all that shit?
What am I doing here? Where will I go when it all ends?

Who are you?
I’m still trying to guess it…
Who are you?

I’ ve seen just a shadow of your miseries,
I’ ve spied your dreams and your real face throught a peephole
I’ ve been puzzling out the pieces of that weird kaleidoscope
Trying to solve your unsolved equation
Astonished in front of your enigma.

Who are you?
I’m still waiting for an answer…
Who are you?

Who are you?

song : lonely is the hear

Album :   Josefine Cronholm & Ibis – Hotel Paradise

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