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wild, wild, wild

Publicado el 08 enero 2011 por Cynthiagarcia
wild, wild, wildwild, wild, wild
I told ya. Got up in the club, posted in the back, feeling so good, looking so bad.Rockingthis skirt, Rocking this club, got my middle finger up, I don't really give a fuck!
Rocking these diamonds,I'm rocking this chain,make sure you get a pictureI'm rocking my fameTo be what you is, you gotta be what you areThe only thing I'm missing is a black guitar
I'm a rockstar, hey baby, I'm a rockstar, hey baby, big cities, bright lights, sleep all day,up all night...
Hey, I'm rocking out tonight, cause I can't wait till tomorrow, I'ma live my whole life in the night
Cause I ain't got time to borrowI'm rocking out tonight, why wait till tomorrowI'ma live my whole life in the nightI told ya baby, oh oh

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