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Youth exchange “NATURE CALLING” in Slovakia

Por Ne0bi0 @buenosviajeros

Youth exchange “NATURE CALLING” in Slovakia

22/03/2019 - 31/03/ 2019


Youth exchange “NATURE CALLING” in Slovakia

Why this project may interest me ?

Climate change is one of the most threatening issues in the world today. By means of this project, you will get a sharing and collaboring experience in ecological awareness and on the topic of climate change and environmental protection. You will be involved in different workshops and social experiments to explain the importance of care for the Earth.

What is it about ? with Who?

It's organize by Mother Flower a Slovak NGO in collaboration with other countries for raising the ecological awareness about the necessity to prevent, protect and save our nature. You wil get the opportunity to meet people from different countries: Slovakia, Latvia, Portugal, Italy, Romania

What I will do ?
  • Develop the knowledge about climate change, environmental prevention and protection
  • Strengthen digital competences to raise ecological awareness
  • Promote intercultural dialogue for acceptance and tolerance of diversity
  • Share local or national examples, experience and best practice in protection natural heritage
  • Raise ecological awareness
  • Promote sense of initiative among youngsters
  • Share experience and best practice in environmental protection
  • Strength Communication skills as Public speaking
How much ?

You will have only a participation of 25€ and Erasmus+ is covering the project.

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