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Youth exchange “Put a STOP before wasting last drop”, Turkey.

Por Ne0bi0 @buenosviajeros
Youth exchange “Put a STOP before wasting last drop”, Turkey. Marmaris, Turkey, 30th of April 2019- 7th of May 2019 What is it about?

Water is one of the most important elements for the survival of the earth. In many countries, although policies on fresh water resources are being carried out; problems are remaining as people are not as conscious about fresh water. With this project, it is aimed:

  • to increase the social consciousness about the more efficient use of water resources by understanding the importance of human life in water. Supporting the policies or efficiency in water consumption and the further enhancement of the studies in this regard are also aims of this project.
  • to support the efficient use of water resources and to carry out a campaign to direct people to save water.
  • to raise social awareness in fighting against thirst and drought by setting out the campaigns that young people will realize that it s possible to save water as much as they can and necessary.
  • include increasing awareness of the environment and climate change.
  • to support the environmental and climate change policies and to support the achievement of the 2020 environmental goals.
With Who?

You will get the opportunity to meet people from different countries: Italy, Turkey, Poland, Greece, Czechia, Slovakia.

How much ?

Erasmus+ is covering 100% of the project.

Can I apply ?
    If you are between 18 and 28

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