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Youth exchange “Your Job – DIY” in Estonia

Por Ne0bi0 @buenosviajeros
Youth exchange “Your Job – DIY” in Estonia 28/04/2019 - 06/05//2019 -Tartumaa, Estonia-

This project aims to bring together young minds to tackle the problem of youth unemployment in different regions and to find great solutions for the issue. The project aims to empower you to find or create your own jobs. With this youth exchange you will get the opportunity to discover the skills you have and the possibilities that are out there.

What are the objectives:
 To discuss the issue of youth unemployment in various European countries
 To make the young people reflect on their abilities, skills and needs connected with the labor market
 To reduce the youth unemployment rates
 To give young people the knowledge

With Who?

You will get the opportunity to meet people from different countries: Estonia, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic and Greece

How much ?

You will have only a participation of 20€ and Erasmus+ is covering the project.

Can I apply ?
  • If you are between 18 and 24
  • with few or no working experience
  • with interest in intercultural learning
  • you are interested in the topic and want to contribute

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