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Bow tie and bow – BowTie trends

Publicado el 08 septiembre 2016 por Ferranmunoz @ferran_munoz

Bow tie and bow – BowTie trendsBOWTIE TRENDS gained worldwide popularity and spread at the beginning of the last century. At that time it was called - a butterfly. Although, in fact, the butterfly - it's nothing more than a simple, ordinary bow, which is tied around the neck of a man wrapped silk ribbon, is still the correct name of this tie is "butterfly". And it sounds like something interesting and louder than a "bow".

Bow tie can not wear anything with any suit. On this score there are some rules - to any suit, what color bow tie to wear, following the rules is a sign of good taste. So, to put on a tuxedo made black tie, and a white tailcoat respectively. Often, in the invitation to the reception indicated -black tie), it means that you want to see in a tuxedo. And if in the invitation to write "white tie" (white tie), it means that it is necessary to wear a suit. It should be noted that most often still occurs bow tie black.

Under no circumstances do not mix colored butterflies, otherwise very intelligent people can confuse you with the waiter at any dinner party, if you will be wearing a tie the wrong color. So, take this issue with particular attention.

The good manners is that the bow tie is necessary to tie their own, rather than buying already knotted tie factory-manufacturer. So, if you want to pass for a real gentleman, then discard the finished butterfly. It is not necessary to put on a ceremonial or formal event colorful, with different patterns of butterfly. This is - a sign of bad taste. Such ties better suited to people of creative professions, and they are worn mainly in the less formal meetings. Although, it should be noted that in recent years the fashion dictates its own laws, and often at events (even formal) can be seen butterflies made of colored fabrics with printed patterns, particularly popular dark red. Thus, clear rules for wearing bow tie is gradually being eroded. Increasingly today, butterfly are just as unusual and interesting additions to the informal style. Thus, today bow ties are already beginning to lose its relevance.

But no matter how far we are concerned, new fashion trends, no doubt, bow tie and bow - remain the most solemn forms of tie. I must say that the bow and butterfly differ in appearance and method of tying. Bow - a narrow, compact and has a flat shape in comparison with the butterfly, which is wider and the edges of the unit variance expressive wrinkles. And bow and butterfly require appropriate attire. So, in some situations, the usual classic tie is quite possible to replace the bow tie or bow. What else do they differ? Perhaps the most important difference is that a butterfly - it's basically a ready-made product, but you need to tie a bow. If a butterfly dissolve, we can see that it consists of separate pieces of fabric, and the bow (by the way, sold in the state already tied) consists of a solid piece of material.

In specialty stores you can buy bows of different models, different sizes and made of different materials. Pick up a bow must be given a suit to which you want to put on the bow. Do not forget that beautiful elegant bow is a great accessory, fashionable and extravagant, for evening or festive costume.

I must say that the most common species are considered to be two bows - a bow, having at their ends waist and bow, which has tubular ends. Bows can also have different widths. For example, there is a bow called "The Bat", a width of 4-5 centimeters, and can still be found the bow, which is called - "Distel", a width slightly larger - 5-7 centimeters. Also distinguish between simple and elegant bow (more solemn version), they are tied in many ways. When tying a bow must adhere to the following rules: the width of a bow tied in any case should not go beyond the outer edges of the shirt collar. And yet - the width of the ribbon should be positioned approximately within the distance between the outer corners of the eyes of its owner. If you follow these simple guidelines, you will not look ridiculous and absurd, but on the contrary - effectively and memorably.

Bowtietrends in 2016 demonstrate all aspects of the male character and straightforwardness, and self-confidence, and self-restraint.

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