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Mountain Biking Essentials

Por Alexiustoday

Although, road biking seems more popular than mountain biking, still there are people like going out for mountain biking and make it as a hobby. Mountain biking brings as many awesome benefits as other kinds of sports like getting closer to nature, discovering new parts of the world, taking adventure, enhancing heath, keeping fitness...

Mountain Biking Essentials

It can be taken in many terrains such as mountain, gravel road, downhill and dirt or rough trail by designed mountain bikes which added some specially features to enhance the endurance and ability of ride in rough terrain. If you are going to plan a mountain biking, there are specific gears you should prepare to bring with. Below is an essential list of them you may concern for your rides.

1. Mountain Bikes
Of course you need a bike if you want to make rides. There are many categories out there in the mountain bike market and some common are trails, all mountain, cross country, free ride, downhill or dirt jump.

So what is the best mountain bike for you? To answer, you should have an idea of your riding style first for quickly limiting the models of mountain bikes you want to take. They also have options of none, hardtail or full suspension, in which the full suspension allow you ride in dirt trail, faster and easy to control in tough terrain. The frame is also the main point decide the weight and strength of a bike depend on its size and material.

There are some types of frame materials you can concern like steel, titanium, carbon fiber and aluminum alloy. Wheel size is available in wide range from 24 inches to 29 inches, and the larger wheels have become popular. Disc brakes or rim brakes are also another things you should have ideal, the disc brakes seems more expensive but provide a consistent braking in most conditions.
Mountain bike helmet

It is the most important gear to protect the riders' head. It has to be durable, tough and fit enough to secure the head. However it should be light, easy to adjust, includes ventilation and shell extended design. It sometimes can be designed with full face version that offers more security for the face.

Mountain Biking Essentials

2. Padded Cycling Gloves
When biking, you must use hands a lot for controlling so you need to wear gloves to protect your palms. Also in case you fall down, you usually touch your palms to the road that hurt them. The palms sweat a lot that make you can slip out when you try to move out the saddle or stand in the pedals, wearing gloves increase the conjunction of your palms with handlebar tape.

3. Sunglasses
It protects your eyes from sunlight, UV, dust, rain, bugs which can restrain your observation. You have to check and try which one fit you to make sure it stays stable when you ride and choose the lenses which are suitable for your particular biking conditions.

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